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February 2016

image: Ass fucked wife gets big anal creampie

Video: my movies: 2-9-16

Ooops! Anal Creampie: After my anal warm up & dirty talk, Boo slides his cock in my butthole - then cums instantly!!  I spread my ass & his massive load pours out!
(video length 7:22)

image: Spy cam wife shower orgasm

Video: my movies: 2-7-16

Member's Request: HOT Shower Orgasm
A HOT view from my shower spycam while I fuck my shower head massager! I cum so hard & my cunt feels so fucking good!
(video length 14:48)

image: Horny milf in pantyhose and glasses

Video: jerk4me: 2-4-16

Only Teasing J4M: I won't be getting naked for you Jerkboy, you're getting naked for me! I cannot wait to see cum squirt out from your cock & all over my face!
(video length 8:39)

image: Cuckolding her husband cumshot

Video: cumshots: 2-4-16

Freaky Feet Cumshot: She wraps her legs around his neck & strokes his cock with her freaky feet - until she gets a TON of cum! Includes slow motion version...
(video length 2:06)

image: MILF in glasses covered with cum

Video: my movies: 2-2-16

BJ in Glasses + Facial: Sucking & nibbling on Boo's cock like crazy - until he shoots cum over my head, in my eye & all over my glasses! *bonus bloopers ending*
(video length 10:01)

January 2016

image: Housewife shows off her dirty ass and feet

Photos: 1-31-16

Member's Request: Dirty Ass & Feet
I know you want to lick my dirty ass & feet as I crawl across the floor trying to get away! Come & get me Mister!
(53 picture set)

image: Wife wants cum on hairy bush

Video: jerk4me: 1-28-16

My Hairy Bush: I grew out my pussy hair for you! I know you love it furry, just like this!! Long, thick, black bush - so bury your face Mister & give me your cum!
(video length 8:42)

image: Cuckolding her husband cumshot

Video: cumshots: 1-28-16

Real Man's Cumshot: This bitch fucks a stranger in front of her cuck husband & happily takes cum all over her perfect stomach! Includes slow motion version...
(video length 2:06)

image: Naked lap sitting handjob

Video: fetish: 1-26-16

Lap Sitting Handjob: Straddling Boo's lap with my hot pussy while I grab his balls & caress his cock! Slow, soft, hard & fast - until he creams my horny cunt!
(video length 9:14)

image: Hairy cunt MILF fucking

Video: my movies: 1-24-16

MF - Very Hairy Cunt: It's very hairy, but that doesn't stop Johnny from licking, fingering & fucking my cunt - then filling my mouth with cum & of course I swallow!
(video length 14:13)

image: Sloppy wife fucking

Video: my movies: 1-21-16

Super Sloppy Sex: After a night of partying hard we suck, fuck, 69 & so much more! True amateur action - unpolished, sloppy & HOT fucking + creampie!!
(video length 17:17)

image: Crazy wife fucking her cunt

Video: jerk4me: 1-19-16

Fucking My Horny Cunt: You're making my cunt so horny with your big, hot dick Mister! I love the way you stroke & I want your cum - squirt it in my pussy hole please!
(video length 8:34)

image: Skinny wife in a dress fucking

Video: my movies: 1-17-16

Quick Fucking Creampie: Not long before our company arrives, but I always have time for a quickie! Boo fucks me hard & fills my cunt with cum! Drip...drip...drip...
(video length 5:55)

image: Milf Stacie has a HOT workout and gets naked in the gym

Photos: 1-15-16

The Workout: This isn't my resolution - I just love the way I look in my new workout gear & so does Boo, because he fucked my ass hard right before this shoot!!
(61 picture set)

image: Wife wants cum on feet

Video: jerk4me: 1-12-16

Cum on My Feet (& Pussy): Wiggling my toes & wrinkling my soles while you jerk off for me!  Squeeze your balls & give me your biggest load EVER Foot Pervert!!
(video length 8:08)

image: Fucking and facial cumshot

Video: cumshots: 1-12-16

Fucking + Face Cumshot: They fuck all over the garage - then he pulls out his dick & squirts a gallon of cum on her tongue! Includes slow motion version...
(video length 2:07)

image: Footjob in work out clothes

Video: fetish: 1-10-16

Work Out Clothes Footjob: Boo just can't resist my skimpy outfit or my sexy feet! I stroke with my arches & toes until cum explodes onto my super tight pants!!
(video length 8:59)

image: Veiny MILF feet

Video: strange fetish: 1-8-16

Member's Request: Incredible Feet
You like them veiny? First flexing my awesome feet - then modeling my sexy clear platform heels for you!!
(video length 8:16)

image: Naked chest sitting handjob

Video: fetish: 1-5-16

Sitting & Stroking Handjob: I take a seat on top of Boo, then stroke his dick & caress his balls! Once I rub my tits on his cock it's all over - the cum shoots out like crazy!
(video length 9:59)

image: Skinny naked MILF fucking

Video: my movies: 1-3-16

Horny Fucking MILF: Starting the New Year off with the best kind of BANG! Stripping, fingering, riding, ball slapping, cum dripping, queefing fun for me today!
(video length 9:34)

image: Wife licking dick gets facial

Video: my movies: 1-1-16

Member's Request: Dick Lick Blowjob
I lick Boo's cock up & down like I'm devouring an ice cream cone - until he shoots a ton of cum all over my face!!
(video length 10:24)

December 2015

image: Wife in sexy work out clothes masturbating

Video: jerk4me: 12-30-15

Member's Request: Working Out Your Cock Go ahead - pull out your dick while I stretch out! Jack off for me & cum all over my sexy little body Mister!!
(video length 7:22)

image: Hot moms go to ugly sweater party

Crazy Photos: 12-28-15

Ugly sweater party: Do you guys recognize Mom's ugly sweater? Mom didn't have one, so I let her use mine! Ha!! Plus my sister shows off her massive tits!!
(27 picture set)

image: Beautiful wife orgasm from fist

Video: my movies: 12-27-15

Private Warm Up: Boo better warm up my pussy if I'm gonna fit this dildo inside for our picture shoot! My magic wand + his hand = a totally incredible orgasm!!
(video length 11:51)

image: Hot Milf fucks ass and pussy on Christmas

Photo set: 12-25-15

Merry X-mas: Tis the season for me to fuck my pussy & ass by the xmas tree in my sexy Santa outfit - no wonder I love this time of year!  Ho Ho Ho!!
(58 picture set)

image: Kinky clothes pins handjob

Video: fetish: 12-23-15

Ho Ho Ho Handjob: All I want for Christmas is Boo's giant cum load!  After decoratiing his cock with festive holiday clothes pins, I stroke him off in the kinkiest way!!
(video length 11:57)

image: Mature mom gets ass fucked

Video: my movies: 12-20-15

MF - Anal Workout: Johnny catches me working out & then he says all the right things - before I know it he's giving my butthole a dirty fucking workout!
(video length 11:18)

image: Wife fucks cunt and ass

Video: jerk4me: 12-17-15

Fucking My Cunt & Ass: I wanna watch you watching me - while I fuck my juicy cunt & horny butt! Do you think this great big one will fit in my tight ass? I KNOW it will!!
(video length 9:40)

image: Latex gloves handjob cumshot

Video: cumshots: 12-17-15

Rings Under Gloves Cumshot: This handjob queen strokes his cock & directs his cum onto her gloves - then she licks off every drop! Includes slow motion version...
(video length 2:02)

image: American bombshell fucks massive fat dildo

Photo set: 12-15-15

American Bombshell: Just your average massive 10" tall and (25cm) in girth triple ripple dildo! As hard as I push - it just won't fit all the way! Guess I better try again!
(56 picture set)

image: Sexy mature footjob

Video: fetish: 12-13-15

Red Toes Footjob: Warming my sexy feet in the very best way!  Rubbing them all over Boo's cock until cum gushes out - then wiggling my toes in his hot cum shot!!
(video length 10:01)

image: Mature mom fucking hard on the couch

Video: my movies: 12-11-15

Blue Beetle + Fucking: Holding it directly on my clit feels REALLY good, but once Boo starts fucking me - WOW! This new blue beetle stays against my clit hands free!
(video length 10:46)

image: MILF sucks her own nipples and clitoris

Video: strange fetish: 12-9-15

Nipples & Clit Sucker: Beyond strange & so fucking HOT - these strong screw on suckers feel just incredible hanging off my nipples & clit! Then I add my freaky dildo!!
(video length 6:22)

image: Wife twists and pulls her very large nipples

Video: jerk4me: 12-6-15

Cum on My Huge Nipples: I really wanna watch you Masturbator! Stroke your cock while I pull & twist my huge nipples - now give me your cum & I'll lick it off!!
(video length 7:12)

image: Oral creampie cumshot

Video: cumshots: 12-6-15

Amazing Oral Cumshot: This MILF in an apron sucks cock better than anyone EVER! She takes a lot of cum & plays with it in her mouth! Includes slow motion version...
(video length 2:04)

image: Wifecray pull back handjob

Video: fetish: 12-4-15

Spanking & Stroking Handjob: Wearing my black satin gloves, I yank on Boo's cock & spank his ass! I squeeze & stroke until I force all of the hot cum from his cock!
(video length 13:25)

image: Mature mom fluttering eyelashes blowjob

Video: my movies: 12-2-15

Member's Request: Fluttery Lashes BJ Batting my sexy, crazy long lashes while I suck & lick Boo's big cock - until he blasts my face with a giant cum load!
(video length 7:01)

November 2015

image: Mature mother cooking and wearing only an apron

Photo set: 11-30-15

Cooking Tips: I'm baking some muffins when I start thinking about my own hot muffin... I just have to stick a spoon handle in my cunt & taste my own flavor! Yummy!
(50 picture set)

image: Mature mom fucking his dick

Video: my movies: 11-28-15

MF - Spying & Cumming: I had no idea he was spying on me & I can't believe he watched me orgasm in the shower! His dick's so big now, I just have to fuck it!
(video length 10:25)

image: Mature shoejob and footjob

Video: fetish: 11-26-15

Strappy Shoejob + Footjob: Mostly naked in sexy panties & strappy flats, I stroke Boo's cock with my shoes! Then I slip one off & rub his cock - until he shoots cum!!
(video length 7:49)

image: Rub your dick on my ankles, calves, shins, and feet

Video: jerk4me: 11-24-15

Member's Request: Cum on My Legs
I really LOVE watching you masturbate & I need you to touch my legs with your dick! Rub my ankles & shins - give me cum!
(video length 8:52)

image: Real mature wife fucking cock

Video: my movies: 11-22-15

Really Want Cock: After licking & fingering my horny pussy, Boo finally gives me cock! He rams his big thick dick in & out of me - then drenches my cunt with cum!
(video length 8:14)

image: Topless wife in glasses giving handjob

Video: fetish: 11-20-15

Glasses & Titties Handjob: Warming my soft hands by rubbing Boo's full balls & stroking his big dick! I love watching his cum shoot all over my huge nipples!!
(video length 9:35)

image: Skinny MILF shows big nipples and tight pussy

Photo set: 11-18-15

XO: Teasing you with my big hard nipples & tight little pussy! I know you wanna kiss & lick me from head to toe - I also know you wanna shove your cock inside me!
(58 picture set)

image: Fencenet bike shorts joi

Video: jerk4me: 11-16-15

Masturbating Together: Jack off for me please! Watch me plunge this glass dildo in & out of my horny cunt until I cum - now stroke like this & give me your cum!
(video length 9:22)

image: A crazy wife does a face fucking in strange mask

Video: strange fetish: 11-14-15

Freaky Fucking Face: This just might be the strangest cocksucking clip ever! Not only does he fuck my face & gag me, but Boo also cock slaps me & squirts me with cum!
(video length 5:11)

image: Real mature wife fucking and creampie

Video: my movies: 11-12-15

Fucking Just Because: We never need a reason - we just REALLY love fucking eachother!! I bounce up & down until Boo fills my cunt with cum! Drip...drip...drip...
(video length 9:02)

image: Mature wife tied up and forced to orgasm

Video: my movies: 11-9-15

Strapped & Forced Orgasm: I don't want a dirty orgasm, but Boo straps me down & forces me to cum like crazy! He really has me begging for an orgasm by the end!
(video length 14:12)

image: Deep dangling in sexy high heels

Video: strange fetish: 11-7-15

Sexy, Sparkly Dangles: Super deep dangling of all my sexiest, sparkliest shoes just for you! You wanna fuck my high arches when I dangle don't you Pervert?!
(video length 9:09)

image: Wife sucks dick while guy plays guitar

Video: my movies: 11-5-15

*Member's Request* - Guitar Playing BJ:
Boo tries his best to strum while I suck his cock & make it squirt - then I lick the cumload off his guitar!
(video length 8:46)

image: Creampie cunt cumshot

Video: cumshots: 11-3-15

Is this woman a bull rider? She's incredible at riding his big cock & she fucks until she gets a cunt full of creamy cum!! Includes slow motion version...
(video length 2:03)

image: Wife crazy nylon soles

Video: jerk4me: 11-2-15

Member's Request: Nude Nylon Soles
Give me exactly what I want Masturbator! Make me very happy - jack off for my sexy soles & give me your cum!!
(video length 6:56)

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