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December 2014

image: Dick in a box handjob

Video: fetish: 12-21-14

What lady wouldn't want dick in a box? Boo got me the perfect Christmas gift!  It's just the right size & I can't keep my hands off it! I play with it until I get another present...
(video length 8:01)

image: Cum in my panties

Video: jerk4me: 12-19-14

You've just gotta jack off for me please, you know you're my favorite to watch! Stroke your cock & I'll strip out of my clothes - now fill my sexy panties with cum!!
(video length 8:34)

image: Stacie is so horny she fucks a hair brush handle

Photo set: 12-17-14

Horny Mama: Sometimes I feel so sexy in my pantyhose & I get so damn horny - I just have to get naked & shove something hard into my wet cunt!
(58 picture set)

image: MILF wearing glasses gives blowjob interview

Video: my movies: 12-15-14

Interview with a cock sucker! Some personal background on my cock sucking experience! Then I demonstrate on Boo's big dick & take a HUGE facial!
(video length 11:53)

image: Sexy wife rough tickling

Video: strange fetish: 12-13-14

He's at it again, torturing me by tickling over & over again! He overpowers me, holds me down, & tickles me until I'm begging for mercy! What a pervert!
(video length 5:09)

image: Eyelash fluttering facial cumshot

Video: cumshots: 12-13-14

She bats her pretty eye lashes while sucking on his big cock! This pro keeps fluttering her lashes while he shoots cum on her face! Includes slow motion version...
(video length 2:02)

image: Crazy wife reach around handjob

Video: fetish: 12-11-14

My hottest reach around handjob yet! I press hard on his back with my naked body, while I wrap my arms & legs around him. Then I stroke his cock until cum shoots out!
(video length 11:13)

image: Jack off and flick your dick

Video: jerk4me: 12-9-14

Flick Your Dick & Stroke - Something different for you! Hold your dick & lightly flick the head!  Flick it harder, stroke it & cum on my small tits!
(video length 7:44)

image: MILF in the shower has orgasm

Video: my movies: 12-6-14

My big orgasm in the shower. I give you two hot views while pleasuring my pussy with this powerful shower head massager!
I cum hard & loud - feels so GOOD!
(video length 10:22)

image: Wife gives oily titjob

Video: fetish: 12-4-14

After oiling up my small tits & huge nipples, I rub Boo's dick all over my slippery chest.
I slap & stroke his cock with my tits - until he shoots cum on my rock hard nipples!
(video length 9:42)

image: Wife fucks to relieve holiday stress

Video: my movies: 12-2-14

Relieving the holiday stress with some HOT fucking!  I sit on Boo's lap & show him exactly what I want for XXXmas!  He fucks me hard & cums on my ass...HOHOHO
(video length 7:01)

November 2014

image: Hot couger fucks dildo and turns into a tiger mom

Photo set: 11-30-14

Tiger Mom: No matter how hard I try - my wild pussy just can't be tamed!  I pull my panties aside & ride my big dildo, until I make myself cum!!
(54 picture set)

image: Jack off for wifecrazy butthole

Video: jerk4me: 11-28-14

Fill my big brown butthole! If you wanna see me spread my big butthole - jack off for me!  When I spread wide, fill my butthole with your hot cum!
(video length 8:39)

image: Stacie is blindfolded and fucked hard

Video: my movies: 11-25-14

Member's Request: Showing off the big prominent veins in my neck while I suck the hell out of Boo's big cock!  I lick & suck until cum squirts my skinny, veiny throat!
(video length 9:18)

image: Sexy wife rips off nylons

Video: strange fetish: 11-23-14

Member's Request: Tearing Off Blue Nylons. I rip these sexy nylons off bit by bit, clawing them with my sharp nails & shredding them, until I'm completely naked!
(video length 7:59)

image: Jack off for this sexy woman

Video: jerk4me: 11-21-14

I love everything about you Mister - your body, your smile, your cum!  Pull out your dick & jack off for me!!  Now feed me that tasty cumload.
(video length 8:04)

image: Dirty feet cumshot from this milf

Video: cumshots: 11-21-14

She strokes off his cock with her filthy feet! Her sexy dirty feet feel good on his naughty parts & cum shoots like crazy from his dick! Includes slow motion version...
(video length 2:01)

image: Stacie is blindfolded and fucked hard

Video: my movies: 11-19-14

Member's Request: Surprise fucking while Stacie is blindfoled. He tells me to strip & put on the blindfold - I don't know what kind of hot fucking surprise he has in store for me! But I'm so excited to find out!
(video length 9:27)

image: My school teacher fucks her self with a big dildo

Photo set: 11-17-14

Hot 4 Teacher: Judging by my horny pussy, this naughty teacher is hot for your stiff dick!!  If I were your teacher - think you would want to fuck me honey???
(49 picture set)

image: Wife gives nasty footjob

Video: fetish: 11-15-14

Hottest aggressive footjob - I pull, pinch & tug at Boo's big dick with my super sexy feet!  I know I'm a little bit rough, but that's what makes it so good when he finally squirts cum! Then of course I wiggle my toes in the cumshot!
(video length 10:37)

image: Milf hula hoops naked

Video: strange fetish: 11-13-14

Member's Request: Naked hula hooping for your viewing pleasure. I start off hula hooping outside fully clothed, but move up to my room & finish it off totally naked!
(video length 5:56)

image: Wife gets fucked up the ass

Video: my movies: 11-10-14

Stacie's Horny Ass Fucking - My ass is horny & I just have to shove something big in there! While fucking myself, Boo finds me & rams his big cock into my tight little butt! He fucks so good!!
(video length 12:20)

image: Jack off for this sexy lady

Video: jerk4me: 11-8-14

Cum in My Mouth. It's been too long since I've tasted your cum Mister! Pull down your pants & jack off for me!! Stroke it hard for me & empty your balls into my cum hungry mouth!
(video length 6:01)

image: Mature mother gets fucked hard

Video: cumshots: 11-8-14

MF - This dirty horny woman finally lets him fuck her cunt, but the little jerk disobeys her & gets cum in her tight pussy! She gets angry!! Includes slow motion version...
(video length 2:05)

image: Milf fingers her asshole and pees

Video: strange fetish: 11-6-14

Members' Requests: Butthole Fingering & Peeing Wearing only my sexy mules - I finger my tight little butthole while squirting out hot pee at the same time! Feels so good & so dirty!!
(video length 6:31)

image: Porn blooper

Video: crazy: 11-6-14

Peeing Blooper: Boo receives some accidental overspray while filming the clip above, but the show must go on! This personal clip has a lot of genuine laughing & sexy surprises!
(video length 1:43)

image: Couple gets each other off

Video: fetish: 11-3-14

He fingers my juicy cunt while I stroke his cock off. It's total mutual satisfaction with tons of juicy cunt noises & a great big cumshot too!! Of course I slurp up his cum & swallow it.
(video length 8:24)

image: Stacie sucks dick and gives a red hot blowjob

Video: my movies: 11-1-14

Boo thinks he can just flop his dick into my face & I'll start sucking! Well I guess he's right, because I suck it hard & lick it good - until he fills my face & mouth with cum!!
(video length 8:46)

October 2014

image: Milf in a monkey mask fucks herself with bananas

Photo set: 10-31-14

Trick or Treat? I guess you'll have to decide for yourself, but whatever you think - it's just a costume sweetheart! I really hope I don't scare you away... Happy Halloween!
(55 picture set)

image: Mother in pantyhose

Video: jerk4me: 10-29-14

You like how my shiny pantyhose ass looks? How dare you spy on me little man! You love watching me in my sexy pantyhose? I can't send you off with that big boner in your pants - jack off & cum on my shiny nylon ass!
(video length 7:35)

image: I dream of genie gives a handjob

Video: cumshots: 10-29-14

Dream Genie appears out of thin air, then sucks & strokes his cock - until she gets a giant load of cum! She pleases her master by eating his big cumshot! Includes slow motion version...
(video length 2:02)

image: Girl sits on boys face and rides

Video: strange fetish: 10-27-14

Face Sitting on a Dare! I love teasing ALL the boys by letting my ass hang out of my sexy little skirt! But once he dares me to sit on his face - it's so fucking ON!!! I bounce up & down all over his face, but he better not touch his dick or it's OVER!
(video length 5:15)

image: Mom gives a footjob in pantyhose

Video: fetish: 10-25-14

MF - This sweet boy rubs my sore feet after a hard day's work! Once he starts fucking my nylon soles, it feels too good to make him stop!! He fucks my feet good & squirts cum onto my pantyhose! I don't care if it's wrong - he made my feet & my cunt feel GOOD!
(video length 9:52)

image: Mature wife needs to orgasm

Video: my movies: 10-22-14

Bang My Horny Cunt! I really need to cum bad! I start playing with my horny cunt, then Boo walks in & helps me out!! He fucks me with fingers, dildo, & cock - then he shoots cum on my ass! Lots of dirty talking & pleasure cries!
(video length 12:04)

image: Stacie at the Arizona State fair

Video: crazy: 10-20-14

Arizona State Fair - Having too much fun on our date! We see a concert, play games, ride rides, & eat a giant turkey leg - peeing in the porta-pot & flashing tits in the photo booth too...
(video length 7:12)

image: Sexy ballerina in nylons showing her soles

Video: jerk4me: 10-18-14

I'm your tiny dancer in my sexy ballerina costume, garter, & stockings! I know you love my reinforced heel & toe nylons!! Jack off Mister & cum on my rht nylon soles!
(video length 8:20)

image: Sexy nurse Stacie strips for you

Photo set: 10-16-14

Starting Halloween early with one of my favorite sexy costumes! But I quickly strip & spread, just because I have such wonderful bedside manners. Nurse Stacie can always make you feel better sweetheart!
(45 picture set)

image: Mature milf wants to fuck

Video: my movies: 10-14-14

Fucking for Fun Creampie. We fuck like crazy - not to make porn like usual - just for the fun of it! We fuck hard in many different positions, until he shoots cum deep inside my horny cunt! Then I show off the creampie as it drools out of my freshly fucked pussy!
(video length 10:31)

image: Hot Geisha gives a man handjob

Video: fetish: 10-11-14

Hot Geisha Handjob - I'm just a dutiful little geisha girl - stroking off his cock in the most secret sexy ways! I caress with my pretty finger nails & soft palms until cum shoots from his cock all over my hot stockings!!
(video length 13:56)

image: Hot milf teacher makes you jack off

Video: jerk4me: 10-9-14

Jack Off for Your GPA! Your effort is lacking, but I've found a way to motivate you young man! Do exactly as teacher says - pull out your pecker & jack off for your GPA!
(video length 8:02)

image: Woman strokes off a cock in her halloween outfit

Video: cumshots: 10-9-14

This skinny spooky woman strokes off his cock with her boney hands & boney feet until cum squirts out like crazy!! Includes slow motion version...
(video length 2:01)

image: Nurse Stacie gives a dance then gets tickled

Video: strange fetish: 10-7-14

Nurse Lap Dance Tickling - I'm just trying to give him a sexy nurse lap dance & all he wants to do is tickle me like crazy! But just because my nipples are rock hard, that doesn't mean I liked it! He's such an asshole!
(video length 4:17)

image: Look into my eyes as I suck your dick

Video: my movies: 10-4-14

Fluttering my long, sexy lashes while sucking this guy's cock off! I lick, suck, wink & blink - until he shoots cum all over my pretty face & in to my cum hungry mouth!
(video length 10:25)

image: Mature milf late to work tells you how to jack off

Video: jerk4me: 10-2-14

Late 4 Work Again Jerkboy! Why do you always do this when I'm late for work?! Jack off fast & cum on my pantyhose soles Jerkboy! You better be ready to fuck later...
(video length 6:04)

September 2014

image: Mom strips in white keds

Photo set: 9-30-14

Member's Request ~ White Socks + White Keds Just how you want it Mister! I strip down to nothing but white bobbie sox & fuck my wet pussy with a pretty glass dildo - until I cum!
(57 picture set)

image: This skinny milf gets tied up and tickled

Video: strange fetish: 9-25-14

Tied Tickle Torture ~ Boo ties me to a chair, binds my feet together & tickles me relentlessly - until I beg for mercy! The more I plead the harder he tickles! He's kinda rough, but I have to turns me on!
(video length 8:34)

image: Mature milf with small tits and huge nipples

Video: jerk4me: 9-22-14

Cum on My Small Titties jerkboy! Jack off for me while I play with my big nipples & arch my back! Watching you gets my pussy all horny & my nipples rock hard! Point your dick this way & cum on my titties!
(video length 8:04)

image: Slut licks big dick and shows off oral creampie

Video: cumshots: 9-22-14

Oral slut Stacie licks & sucks every drop of cum from his big dick! She proudly shows off the huge oral creampie & then swallows it!! Includes slow motion version...
(video length 2:01)

image: Stacie gets kinky with a huge cock and balls

Video: fetish: 9-20-14

I have some kinky cock rings... I love getting kinky with big dicks! First I slip cock rings on to his cock & balls, then I work some crazy magic with my hands & mouth - until a great big cumload squirts out!! Truly an AWESOME handjob + MASSIVE cumshot...
(video length 13:34)

image: Pantyhose milf showing off her iron fist heels

Photo set: 9-18-14

Iron Fist Heels ~ Modeling my ultra sweet & sexy Iron Fist heels! Don't you love the way they compliment my long legs? I feel so fucking HOT - I just have to touch my pussy...
(55 picture set)

image: This chick blows a guy in a public restroom

Video: my movies: 9-16-14

Just a normal trip to the shopping mall, until I pull him into the public bathroom & suck his cock! I quietly suck him off - making him squirt cum on my face & on my tongue! Then I swallow down his big cum load.
(video length 5:39)

image: Sexy wife in keds wants you to jack off

Video: jerk4me: 9-12-14

White Socks & White Keds - Jerk 4 Me. I'm giving you what you want, now give me what I want! Stroke your hard dick & grab your full balls for me! Point your cock at my Ked - I need you to cum in my shoe!!
(video length 9:56)

image: She gets a ton of cum on her sexy pantyhose

Video: cumshots: 9-12-14

Stacie strokes a huge cock & grabs his balls until he shoots a ton of cum on her sexy pantyhose! She REALLY loves cum! Includes slow motion version...
(video length 2:01)

image: Brunette lady gets horny and fingers her pussy

Video: my movies: 9-11-14

First I fuck every one of my fingers, then several at a time! Finally, I shove a big dildo in my cunt & some fingers too - until I cum hard & loud! While standing naked.
(video length 6:16)

image: Stacie gives a footjob and eats the cum off the sock

Video: fetish: 9-7-14

White Shorty Socks Footjob ~ I massage this cock with my hot feet & leave my short, white socks on while I do it! After making cum squirt like crazy all over my sock - I stuff the whole sock into my mouth, so I can really enjoy his tasty cum!!
(video length 10:33)

image: Horny milf hops on this guys big cock

Video: my movies: 9-5-14

Bouncing on Cock Creampie ~ I hop on & ride this big cock like crazy!! My pussy swallows his dick as I bounce up & down - until he fills me with a huge cumload! Then I lift up & cum POURS from my freshly fucked cunt.
(video length 6:16)

image: This relaxed mom loves watching you jack off

Video: jerk4me: 9-3-14

Cum on My Face! Everything you wanted, just because I love watching you jack off so much! Stroke your cock hard & fast for me - now cum on my white socks & smiling face!! I just have to taste your cum!
(video length 7:36)

image: Hot anal slut pushes cum out her ass

Video: cumshots: 9-3-14

I must be one crazy anal slut. After pulling out my butt plug, Boo fucks my horny ass & fills my butthole with a gigantic cum load!! When he pulls out, even more cum shoots from his cock!! Includes slow motion version...
(video length 2:01)

image: Wife has Awesome Orgasm

Video: my movies: 9-1-14

Skinny Wife's Awesome Orgasm ~ I want to cum so fucking hard! He uses his fingers, my magic wand, & a big rubber cock to fuck my horny wet pussy - until I cum so hard, I cry & my body shakes!! AWESOME fucking orgasm!!
(video length 9:59)

August 2014

image: Sexy new swimsuit on a skinny wife

Photo set: 8-30-14

Member's Request ~ Bikini & Back Arching. I strip off my bikini in the Arizona sunshine! Arching my back & sticking out my ribs, giving you the perfect view of my slim body & sexy pussy!
(41 picture set)

image: Wife sucks pacifer with her pussy

Video: my movies: 8-27-14

My oral fixation just can't be controlled & I have to suck something right NOW! First a pacifier & then a big cock! I suck hard on one, then the other - until I make this cock shoot a GIANT cum load all over my smiling sucking face!!
(video length 8:22)

image: Mother's Cunt Stained Pantyhose

Video: jerk4me: 8-25-14

My Cunt Stained Pantyhose! I'm sick & tired of you spying on me little man - today we're ending this once & for all! I don't care if this makes you feel uncomfortable, you will obey me! Pull out your pecker & jack off - now cum on my cunt stained pantyhose!
(video length 7:10)

image: Stacie's Leather Gloves Cumshot

Video: cumshots: 8-25-14

Leather Gloves Cumshot ~ This dick licker sucks his cock & massages his balls while wearing leather gloves! She strokes so good he shoots cum on her face, then fills her leather glove with cum! Then she enjoys licking up the cumshot off her glove!! Includes slow motion version...
(video length 2:01)

image: Skinny wife gives a handjob

Video: fetish: 8-23-14

Massive Pre-Cum Handjob. Stroking, tickling, & rubbing all over his big cock with my sexy red finger tips! His dick drools a massive amount of pre-cum, before finally shooting cum on my face & in my mouth! Then I swallow down his cum like a good little cock handler should!!
(video length 12:11)

image: Mature lady has high arched feet

Video: strange fetish: 8-21-14

Leg Teasing & Shoe Dangling. Teasing you with every part of my long, sexy legs & highly arched feet! Be a good foot pervert & help me decide which flip-flops to wear.
(video length 6:49)

image: Stacie Fucking & Spanking

Video: my movies: 8-18-14

MF Restitution Fucking & Spanking! I accidentally wrecked his new car & now if I don't give in to his disgusting demands - he'll send me to jail! He forces me to bend over, then he fucks & spanks me HARD! I really think he's trying to impregnate me - fucking little pervert!!!
(video length 9:57)

image: Naked & waiting for you to jack off for me

Video: jerk4me: 8-16-14

I'm naked & waiting for you - come on in, pull out your dick & jack off for me! You're getting my pussy so wet & so horny! Make me cum - now shoot your cum on my naked little body!
(video length 6:42)

image: Stacie is a foot cumshot slut

Video: cumshots: 8-16-14

This is one out of control cumshot! This foot slut forcefully rubs his dick with every part of her sexy feet - until cum squirts out of control everywhere! Then she wiggles her toes in the sticky cumshot!! Includes slow motion version...
(video length 1:59)

image: Showing off my sexy cunt for you on the chaise

Photo set: 8-14-14

I slip my white panties over to the side, then fuck my juicy cunt with my favorite dildo! I go extra deep & hard just trying to satisfy my horny definitely works!
(51 picture set)

image: Mature wife dick licking

Video: my movies: 8-11-14

Licking Dick for Cum! I can't keep my tongue off his dick & balls - running my wet tongue up & down the shaft, then all around the tip!! I lick his cock like an ice cream cone up & down - until cum squirts into my sexy mouth! Then I swallow down his tasty cumload! I really do LOVE oral creampies!
(video length 8:24)

image: She strokes dick with hands and feet

Video: fetish: 8-9-14

Hot Pink Toes - Handjob + Footjob ~ I stroke his big cock first with my hands & then with my feet! Before he knows it - I have both my hands & my feet wrappeed around his dick & precum oozing out! I keep stroking & rubbing, until cum shoots all over my pretty, hot pink toes.
(video length 12:22)

image: Milf a footjob then anal sex

Video: fetish: 8-7-14

Feet + Ass Fucking! I start on his cock with a reverse footjob, but he can't keep his eyes off my ass! So I let him fuck me doggy-style in the butt, then I sit on his big dick with my tight asshole & ride - until he shoots cum like crazy!
(video length 8:21)

image: Skinny milf fingers her butthole

Video: jerk4me: 8-4-14

Fill My Tight Butthole Please. Let me finger & fuck my butthole for you - but you need to jack off for me while I do it! Imagine your dick sliding in & out of my tight ass - now squeeze your cock & cum in my butthole!
(video length 8:02)

image: Her tight asshole drips cum out

Video: cumshots: 8-4-14

Butthole Creampie Cumshot. ~ She screams out in ecstasy & agony, while he fucks her super tight butthole & fills it with a gigantic load of cum! When he pulls his cock out of her ass - the anal creampie pours out like crazy! Includes slow motion version...
(video length 2:01)

image: Skinny mature wife gets fucked rough

Video: my movies: 8-2-14

Slow Fucking - Creampie Cunt. ~ He may be fucking me slow - but it's still hard, deep, & a little bit rough! After making me scream & filling my pussy with a huge cumload, he forcefully pulls me over to show off my gorgeous creampie cunt!
(video length 6:53)

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