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May 2015

image: Skinny MILF anal sex

Video: my movies: 5-23-15

Member's Request: Fuck My Butt Hard
Boo rams his big cock deep into my tight butthole & makes me cry out with pleasure (& a little pain) - then he gives me cum!
(video length 6:31)

image: Crotchless bodystocking footjob

Video: fetish: 5-21-15

Crotchless Bodystocking Footjob: I stroke his cock with my talented feet & fuck him with my foot pussy!  Aiming his cumshot straight at my exposed cunt - BULLSEYE!
(video length 7:11)

image: Skinny naked wife gives the best handjob

Video: fetish: 5-18-15

How much pre-cum can pour from Boo's cock before he finally squirts the mother load? I just keep stroking on his big dick, until he shoots cum all over my thigh!
(video length 11:58)

image: Wife licks her friends feet and toes

Photo set: 5-16-15

My sexy friend is back! Gabrielle's feet are so hot I just can't resist! I suck her toes & lick her soles for your viewing pleasure! Then we show off our hot MILF panties!!
(55 picture set)

image: Wife orgasm in the shower

Video: my movies: 5-14-15

Member's Request: Shaving & Cumming
I shave my cunt completely bald, play with my shower head massager & my bath tub faucet too - until I cum REALLY good!
(video length 13:15)

image: Highly arched mom feet

Video: jerk4me: 5-12-15

No it's not trick photography, you have never seen feet like mine Mister! Pull out your cock & stroke on it - now shoot your cum on my incredibly high arches!!
(video length 5:23)

image: Reach around handjob cum shot

Video: cumshots: 5-12-15

This cock massaging expert strokes him slowly & perfectly - until she milks every drop of cum from his dick!! Damn she's GOOD! Includes slow motion version...
(video length 2:06)

image: Skinny wife strips and fucks

Video: my movies: 5-9-15

MF - Making Up Oral Creampie: This ungrateful little bastard is mad that he has to share a bed with me! Maybe this will convince him that I know what's best!
(video length 13:53)

image: Skinny wife strips and fucks

Video: my movies: 5-7-15

Member's Request: Stripping + Sexing Stripping down to my sexy black stockings then teasing, sucking, & fucking his cock - until I make him squirt cum!!
(video length 10:41)

image: Wife licking hairy arm pits

Video: strange fetish: 5-5-15

With some luck, you'll be seeing a LOT more of my good friend Gabrielle in the future! Her pits aren't always hairy, she did that just for me & my tongue!
(video length 5:37)

image: Mature tiny titty fucking

Video: fetish: 5-3-15

Crazy Sexy Titty Fucking! Driving in the car topless, teasing Boo with my cute little tits! Once we get home, I go all crazy on his cock until he shoots cum on my nipples!
(video length 8:22)

image: Long cunt hair

Video: jerk4me: 5-1-15

I need you to jack off for my long cunt hair! I'll spread my thick black cunt hair if you jack off! Stroke your cock like this & cum right here on my horny pussy!!
(video length 7:46)

April 2015

image: Mature wife shows off her feet in pantyhose

Photo set: 4-29-15

My hot nylon feet: Soles, toes & pantyhose all on display for you - along with my sweet ass & hairy cunt!  I know you're in love with my incredibly sexy feet!!
(54 picture set)

image: Wife licks cum out of penis

Video: cumshots: 4-29-15

She licks his big dick over & over like a tasty ice cream cone - until cum explodes from his dick & squirts out everywhere! Includes slow motion version...
(video length 2:06)

image: Kinky pulled back handjob

Video: fetish: 4-26-15

Giving an extremely kinky pulled back HJ! I pull Boo's cock back further than ever before - then I massage his balls & stroke his dick until cum shoots out like crazy!
(video length 12:20)

image: Dildo riding wife

Video: strange fetish: 4-24-15

Member's Request: Only for Foot Perverts
Nude nylons on my feet while I wiggle my toes & wrinkle my soles - then Boo has too much kinky fun torturing me!
(video length 8:02)

image: No makeup blowjob and facial

Video: my movies: 4-22-15

Zero makeup blowjob & facial fun! After laying out by the pool, I suck Boo's cock with absolutely no makeup on my face! I suck it hard & he covers my face in cum!!
(video length 10:17)

image: Hardcore fucking creampie

Video: my movies: 4-20-15

As soon as the delivery guys walk out the door, we start sucking & fucking like crazy! We also fuck all over the table & chair, until he fills my cunt with cum!
(video length 7:49)

image: candid wife pictures

Photos: crazy: 4-20-15

Hanging out at a local car show enjoying all the cars, women, & beers! Of course I was shaking my ass to the live rock-n-roll & a special appearance by some friends!
(16 picture set)

image: Cum on my face please

Video: jerk4me: 4-17-15

Make me happy, pull out your dick please! Stroke it like this for me & rub it all over my face! Now point your dick right here & give me your cum Mister!
(video length 8:30)

image: Skinny wife cums hard

Video: my movies: 4-17-15

I'm in desparate need of an intense orgasm! Using my magic wand & my smooth dildo - I fuck my own cunt like crazy until I cum extra hard! I really needed that!!
(video length 9:24)

image: milf in sexy panties

Photo set: 4-15-15

Member's Request: My New Panties! Modeling some of my sexy new panties for you! I slip them on & off, showing you all my HOT naughty bits in between!
(53 picture set)

image: Dick drooling precum footjob

Video: fetish: 4-13-15

Drooling Dick Footjob: Showing off my arches & stepping down gently, until I see Boo's pre-cum drooling! Then I step harder & get ALL the cum from his big dick!
(video length 10:28)

image: Dildo riding wife

Video: strange fetish: 4-11-15

Member's Request: Clear Table Dildo Riding
Sucking & fucking 2 rubber dongs while you watch from down below!  I fuck them like crazy - then I cum hard & loud!!
(video length 6:53)

image: Wife fucked on outside balcony

Video: my movies: 4-9-15

I invite Boo out to fuck me on the balcony in broad day light!! He fucks me while standing, then I bounce up & down on his cock - until he fills my cunt with cum!
(video length 7:03)

image: Nylon soles jerk for me

Video: jerk4me: 4-7-15

I've got a HOT surprise for you Mister - my nude nylon soles & my sweet sexy smile! Stroke just like this & cum on my feet!  I want to wear your cum all day long!
(video length 9:09)

image: Wife footjob cum shot

Video: cumshots: 4-7-15

She fingers her juicy cunt while he fucks her incredibly sexy feet - then he shoots a massive cum load all over her HOT soles! Includes slow motion version...
(video length 2:06)

image: Wife gets ass fucked

Video: my movies: 4-4-15

Now that we've got our new apartment, the fun begins!! I seduce Boo into fucking my tight little butthole! He fucks my ass nice & hard, then squirts cum everywhere!
(video length 12:14)

image: Red stocking blowjob and cumshot.

Video: strange fetish: 4-2-15

Member's Request: I take off my nylon, put it over Boo's cock & suck - until he fills my stocking with cum! Then I slip it back on & wiggle my toes in his hot cumload!
(video length 12:18)

March 2015

image: Mom has nipple orgasm

Photo set: 3-31-15

Stripping down to my sexy pantyhose & playing with my horny nipples! Twisting & tugging, then rubbing my nylon coverd cunt hard - until I have an incredible orgasm!
(69 picture set)

image: MILF flashing in the park.

Video: strange fetish: 3-30-15

Hanging out in the park & feeling so frisky - grass between my toes, a little bit of titty flashing, skipping & running, then removing my sexy lacey panties too!
(video length 4:57)

image: Public masturbation instruction

Video: jerk4me: 3-28-15

Been waiting for a cute guy like you! Show me your dick & jack off - don't worry, we won't get caught! Shoot your cum all over my cute little titties Mister!!
(video length 5:31)

image: Wife apple polishing handjob cum shot

Video: cumshots: 3-28-15

Caressing & polishing this big cock with incredible intensity - until cum squirts out like crazy! Includes slow motion version...
(video length 2:03)

image: Handjob in the car from a stranger

Video: fetish: 3-25-15

It's a HOT day in Phoenix & my car breaks down! Lucky for me a sweet stranger stops & gives me a ride! To repay him - I stroke his cock & swallow his cum!
(video length 9:35)

image: Wife fingers cunt and sucks cock

Video: my movies: 3-23-15

Member's Request: Playing with my horny cunt while sucking on Boo's nice big cock! Sucking & licking like a maniac - until he shoots my face with a huge load of cum!
(video length 9:05)

image: Spread butthole waiting for cum

Video: jerk4me: 3-20-15

Member's Request: Worship My Butthole!
All I want is to watch you stroke your nice cock & feel your hot cum deep inside my big brown butthole - do it now Mister!
(video length 8:25)

image: Hot MILF creampie in thigh highs

Video: cumshots: 3-20-15

MF Unwanted Cumshot ~ I told the little bastard that I didn't want him cumming in my cunt, but as usual - he didn't listen! Includes slow motion version...
(video length 2:03)

image: Milf flashing in public

Photo set: 3-18-15

Quick flashing - I take full advantage of the somewhat emtpy hotel lobby and slip out of my panties while Boo checks us in!  You know I'm ALWAYS ready to fuck!!
(39 picture set)

image: reverse foot job

Video: fetish: 3-16-15

Ass up dirty talking foot pussy footjob. I beg Boo to fuck my hot feet while I finger my horny cunt! He fucks hard & shoots cum all over my sexy soles!
(video length 9:05)

image: face riding wife

Video: strange fetish: 3-14-15

Face sitting & tongue fucking. Forcing my man to shove his tongue deep in my cunt & his nose way up my ass!  Then I lick all of my pussy juices off his face!!
(video length 4:42)

image: Small tits and big nipples

Video: jerk4me: 3-12-15

Twisting, pinching, & tugging at my rock hard nipples while you jack off! Lick my nipple - now stroke your nice cock like this & squirt cum on my huge nipples!!
(video length 7:01)

image: Blowjob and facial wearing glasses

Video: my movies: 3-10-15

Cock sucking in eyeglasses. I can't keep my mouth off Boo's big cock! Passionately sucking & licking - until he squirts cum on my pretty face & sexy glasses!
(video length 8:01)

image: taboo handjob

Video: fetish: 3-7-15

I simply will not tolerate this bad behavior & he needs to be taught a lesson! Obviously, he only learns the hard way! So I spank him, stroke him, & make him shoot cum!!
(video length 12:51)

image: Wife's freaky sex

Video: my movies: 3-4-15

Member's Request: I take total control of Boo & fuck him all freaky!  Legs back & cock forward - I bounce on his cock until he fills me up with a big load of cum!
(video length 6:57)

image: MILF speculum cunt view

Video: jerk4me: 3-2-15

Member's Request: My Wet Cunt Walls Opening myself as wide as possible with my speculum & exposing the inside of my wet cunt to you! Jack off hard & fill me up!!
(video length 7:29)

image: Blowjob with cum on natural tits

Video: cumshots: 3-2-15

She's the best little cock sucker ever! After sucking him off like a champion - she truly enjoys watching cum shoot all over her natural titties! Includes a slo-mo version...
(video length 2:05)

February 2015

image: Mom is naked outside

Photo set: 2-28-15

Member's Request: Clear table pussy spreads please. Giving you a clear view of my sexy body like never before! Can't wait to ride a dildo on this thing - on video!!
(51 picture set)

image: Tied up and tickle wife

Video: strange fetish: 2-27-15

I can't believe how much Boo gets off on torturing me! He has too much fun tickling me & whipping my tender bottom - while I'm hanging from the ceiling & helpless!
(video length 7:31)

image: Wife gives kinky footjobs

Video: fetish: 2-25-15

I love getting freaky all over Boo's cock with my feet! First I butter them up, then I stroke his dick in many kinky ways - until I get cum! Yum...Hot Buttered Cum!!
(video length 7:59)

image: sucking cock in keds

Video: my movies: 2-22-15

After seeing this cute guy in the parking lot, I flash him all my naughty bits & lure him up to my room! I've just gotta suck his big cock & taste his hot cum!
(video length 9:27)

image: skinny wife squatting and fingering pussy

Video: jerk4me: 2-20-15

Member's request: squatting, knee caps & masturbating. While I'm squatting down & fingering my wet pussy - my knees are in perfect view for you! Give me your cum!!
(video length 6:51)

image: real wife fucking in her bedroom

Video: my movies: 2-18-15

Impromptu sex tape: At the last minute we record our own private sexy time - instead of just keeping it to ourselves & on our spy cam! Includes a HOT creampie ending.
(video length 10:29)

image: horny mature wife masturbating

Video: my movies: 2-16-15

I'm already naked & masturbating when Boo gets home!  He immediately jumps in & finger bangs my horny cunt until I have an incredibly intense orgasm!!
(video length 5:21)

image: milf spreads her legs for you

Photo set: 2-14-15

Be my Valentine Lover please! I'll do anything I can to make you mine Loverboy! Wearing my sexiest nighty & slut red lips, I fuck my pussy with my HOT new heels!
(52 picture set)

image: Cum on my hairy cunt

Video: jerk4me: 2-11-15

Pull out your cock Lover, I know you wanna fuck my hairy cunt! Let's fantasize together... Fuck me fast & fuck me hard - now spray my overgrown bush with cum!!
(video length 7:52)

image: Veiny arms and hands handjob

Video: cumshots: 2-11-15

This handjob queen skillfully strokes on his big dick with her incredibly sexy, veiny hands - until a massive cum load shoots out! Includes slow motion version...
(video length 2:03)

image: Fucking in tight jeans and black boots

Video: my movies: 2-9-15

Boo gets a raging boner for my new sexy outfit! He pulls down my jeans & fucks me hard - until he squirts hot cum all over my ass & it's dripping down my crack!
(video length 9:30)

image: Wife loves kinky handjobs

Video: fetish: 2-7-15

Giving an extremely kinky handjob! I stick clothes pins on Boo's big balls & stroke his cock softly (mostly) - until he shoots cum all over my pantyhose covered feet!
(video length 11:49)

image: Masturbation instruction with real cum facial

Video: jerk4me: 2-4-15

I really need to relieve some stress honey!! Be my good boy & stroke your nice dick! Obey me - cum on my face!! *This HOT joi clip includes an actual facial!*
(video length 9:10)

image: Sexiest feet cumshot

Video: cumshots: 2-4-15

She dances all over this big dick with her perfectly graceful & gorgeous feet - until a giant cumload explodes all over her leg! Includes slow motion version...
(video length 2:02)

image: I need a big cock

Video: my movies: 2-2-15

I just need to fuck! It's been way too long since I've had anything deep in my cunt! Boo fucks me like a maniac & shoots cum everywhere - especially on my hairy cunt!
(video length 12:05)

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