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May 2016

image: Mature wife gets tickled naked

Video: strange fetish: 5-29-16

Tickle - Strip - Tickle: Boo won't stop tickling me no matter how much I beg him to stop!! Not only that - he strips me down & goes off on my naked little body!!
(video length 8:56)

image: Mature CFNM handjob

Video: fetish: 5-27-16

MF - Happy Endings HJ: My new job comes with a "catch" & after some firm convincing, Johnny lets me practice on his dick! Finally a job that I will truly enjoy!
(video length 14:20)

image: Milf fingers cunt in pantyhose

Video: jerk4me: 5-24-16

I DO Wear Pantyhose!: Feeling super sexy in my pantyhose & I need to watch you jack off! Now that you've got me in just my pantyhose - give me your cum!
(video length 9:09)

image: The best footjob cumshot

Video: cumshots: 5-24-16

Wild-n-Crazy Cumshot: This wild woman attacks his cock with her perfect feet & doesn't stop until a massive load shoots out! Includes slow motion version...
(video length 2:06)

image: MILF in pantyhose gets fucked outside

Video: my movies: 5-22-16

Balcony Pantyhose Fuck: Cutting out the crotch of my pantyhose, fucking my pussy through the hole & taking Boo's cock doggystyle - until he cums on my ass!
(video length 10:20)

image: Mature foot worship

Video: strange fetish: 5-20-16

Foot Worship POV: Take off my polish, buff my nails, tickle & massage my feet Pervert! Now get down beneath me & worship my unusually perfect feet!!
(video length 12:35)

image: Veiny mature handjob

Video: fetish: 5-18-16

Oily Tits Handjob: After rubbing oil all over my tits, I stroke Boo's cock off in many different ways - until he shoots cum & it rolls right off my oily little boobs!
(video length 13:08)

image: Mom exposed in mother nature

Photos: 5-16-16

Pick Me!: April showers bring May flowers & I wanna be the one you pick! My pussy's in full bloom - it smells so good & it's edible too - pick me please!!
(52 picture set)

image: Dirty cum shot drips from her butthole

Video: cumshots: 5-14-16

Anal Cumshot Dripping: She slowly sits on his cock with her tight butthole! He cums deep & she drips the dirty cumshot from her ass! Includes slow motion version...
(video length 2:08)

image: Best MILF feet on the web

Video: jerk4me: 5-13-16

Special Feet 4 Pervert: There are no other feet like mine - they really are quite special aren't they? Be a good foot slave & give me your cum!! Squirt my feet!
(video length 7:43)

image: Mature wife dirty footjob and unpolished toes

Video: fetish: 5-11-16

Unpolished Filthy Footjob: My feet are tore up & filthy but that definitely does not stop Boo from fucking my dirty soles & squirting cum on my grimey toes!
(video length 7:29)

image: Mature Mom takes a cock up the ass

Video: my movies: 5-8-16

MF - Anal Cravings: It's been too long since I felt a nice big cock sliding in & out of my tight butthole! Lucky for me Johnny's home to help me out with this craving!
(video length 11:38)

image: Small mature tits bouncing up and down

Video: jerk4me: 5-5-16

My Cute Tiny Tits: Shaking, bouncing & pulling my cute little tits while you tug on your cock for me! You're making my nipples so horny - give me your cum!
(video length 8:57)

image: Cock head polishing cumshot

Video: cumshots: 5-5-16

Public Stairwell Creampie Cumshot: This risky MILF fucks in the stairwell & gets a big, messy, public creampie in her cunt! Includes slow motion version...
(video length 2:06)

image: Skinny mature wife fingering naked

Video: my movies: 5-3-16

Crazy Pussy Pleasure: Pleasuring my pussy in so many ways! I use my fingers, my dildo & my magic wand until I make myself cum hard & loud! You like the ladder?
(video length 9:34)

image: Maid sucking maintenance man's cock

Video: my movies: 5-1-16

Hard Work BJ in Sneakers: I'm trying to get my work done, but the maintenance man whips out his dick & shoves it my my face! It's so big & nice I just have to suck it!
(video length 9:51)

April 2016

image: Skinny naked MILF fucking and sucking

Video: my movies: 4-28-16

Red HOT Fucking Creampie: I lure Boo over with my naked little body & sexy red lips - then I suck, stroke & fuck his cock until he fills me up with cum! Drip...Drip...Drip
(video length 10:21)

image: MILF cum eating instructions

Video: strange fetish: 4-28-16

Cum Eating Instruction: You know I love watching you stroke, but today we're doing something we've never done before - don't worry I'm here to walk you through it!
(video length 7:29)

image: Mature mom naked in an apron

Video: jerk4me: 4-24-16

Waiting in an Apron: You always know when I need your cock! Don't be shy - the kinkier the better! I wanna feel your cum dripping down my butthole please!
(video length 7:44)

image: Nipple sucking handjob

Video: cumshots: 4-24-16

Ass Cramp! Cumshot: She's stroking his dick & sucking his nipples - but when cum shoots out, he gets a really bad ass cramp!! Includes slow motion version...
(video length 2:06)

image: Wifecrazy Stacy dominant footjob and cum crush

Video: fetish: 4-22-16

Dominant Dance Footjob: Stepping down on Boo's cock & showing off my fancy foot work - I'm not nice about it either! After I drain his full balls, I crush his sperm!!
(video length 12:14)

image: Wife Stacie experiments with nipple bondage

Photos: 4-20-16

Member's Request: Nipple Bondage
The agony & the ecstasy of ice, clamps, clothes pins & rubberbands on my tiny tits & big nipples! Hurts so bad but feels so good!!
(70 picture set)

image: Office lady fucks renter

Video: my movies: 4-18-16

Sexy, Slutty Office Lady: While showing this guy the rental, we end up fucking & he fills my tight pussy with cum! I'm really gonna love having him as a neighbor!
(video length 9:22)

image: Sexy leasing agent wants cum

Video: jerk4me: 4-16-16

Office Lady - Indecent Offer: It's a beautiful apartment & if you jack off for me, I'll discount your rent! Squirt cum in my hands & help me with my cum eating disorder!
(video length 7:24)

image: Wife wearing glasses and gloves giving handjob

Video: fetish: 4-14-16

Glasses & Gloves Handjob: I grab Boo's cock & rub it in so many ways! I pull at his balls & jack him off - until he shoots TONS of cum on my face & in my mouth!!
(video length 13:04)

image: Skinny wife pulling erect oily nipples

Video: strange fetish: 4-12-16

Perfect Nipple Play + Pearls: Ice, oil & a little bit of pain for my big horny nipples! I pull off my panties, pour on oil & play with my pearls all over my pretty pussy!
(video length 8:04)

image: Naked MILF rides cock creampie

Video: my movies: 4-9-16

Riding Cock Creampie: Only 2 things on my mind - riding his face & riding his cock! I fuck him until he fills me with cum...I let it drip, then clean it with my tongue!
(video length 9:37)

image: Dirty talking mature mom in sneakers

Video: jerk4me: 4-6-16

Sexy Sneakers + Bald Cunt: Your cock makes me horny! I wanna watch you jack off while I rub this sneaker on my cunt! Give me your cum - I need to taste it!!
(video length 11:03)

image: Cock head polishing cumshot

Video: cumshots: 4-6-16

Head Trip Cumshot: This handjob GODDESS relentlessly polishes his special spot - until cum spurts out & she eats some! Includes slow motion version...
(video length 2:06)

image: Small boobs and big nipples titty fucking

Video: fetish: 4-4-16

Shiny, Oily Titty Fuck: After I drench my tiny tits & big nipples in oil - I bounce, rub, & slap them on Boo's cock until cum gushes out then slides down my tits!
(video length 7:30)

image: Naked MILF in sneakers sucking dick

Video: my movies: 4-2-16

Pink Sneakers - Bathroom Blowjob: I'm totally naked - except for my sexy pink sneakers! I suck Boo's cock until he shoots cum on my face & naked little body!
(video length 7:18)

March 2016

image: Wife Stacie is going Vintage, she is the Retro MILF

Photos: 3-31-16

Retro MILF: Modeling my sexiest vintage lingerie - brassiere, girdle & stockings! Cum check out my retro milf look & jack off for my horny, hairy, spread pussy!
(55 picture set)

image: Stacie drains balls with her veiny hands

Video: fetish: 3-29-16

Incredible Pre-Cum Handjob: Feeling oh so sexy & stroking Boo's cock outside on the balcony! Pre-cum drips from his dick like crazy & then WHOA - what a cumshot!!
(video length 10:42)

image: Dirty talking mature mom wants cum

Video: jerk4me: 3-27-16

MF - Womanly Cunt J4M: I know you've been snooping around in my private panty & dildo drawer young man - now I guess it's time to teach you about my womanly cunt...
(video length 8:46)

image: Hardcore 69 cumshot

Video: cumshots: 3-27-16

69-ing Cumshot: She sucks his big cock while he eats her juicy cunt! She can't stop sucking until cum shoots out onto her face!! Includes slow motion version...
(video length 2:07)

image: Stacie fucks cock with feet and butthole

Video: fetish: 3-24-16

Feet + Ass - Dirty Anal Creampie: Boo fucks my feet then he fucks my butthole & fills it up with cum! When I push out his cum - there's a dirty, unexpected surprise! ewww!
(video length 8:56)

image: MILF in corsette face sitting

Video: strange fetish: 3-22-16

Pretty Face Sitting: Having my own twisted fun - sitting all over Boo's chest & face, then licking off my cunt juices!! Funny bloopers bonus footage at the end...
(video length 9:37)

image: MILF in flip flops wants cum

Video: jerk4me: 3-19-16

Flip Flop Slapping: Jack off for me while I slap these sexy flip flops on my soles! You love the way it sounds & I love your cum, so give it to me Foot Pervert!
(video length 8:38)

image: Kinky reverse foot job

Video: cumshots: 3-19-16

Foot Pussy Fuck Cumshot: This footjob expert strokes in reverse with her perfect feet - until cum explodes out like a volcano! Includes slow motion version...
(video length 2:08)

image: Stacie gives doggy style pulled back blowjob

Video: my movies: 3-17-16

Lucky Day Blowjob: After pulling Boo's big cock back as far as it will go - I suck & lick until cum shoots! Lucky for me a lot goes in my mouth & I get to swallow it!
(video length 10:02)

image: Stacie and Gabrielle playing footsies

Photos: 3-15-16

Best Girl Friend's Feet: We've already seen Gabrielle loves tickling me, but now we know she really likes playing footsies & licking my toes too! Next time on video...
(56 picture set)

image: White panties and cameltoe joi

Video: jerk4me: 3-13-16

White Panties + Cameltoe: Changing in & out of hot panties that highlight my sexy cameltoe - which is even better with my bald pussy! Jerk off your cock for me!
(video length 7:44)

image: MILF in high tops stroking cock

Video: fetish: 3-11-16

Hot High Tops Handjob: Wearing my hot new high tops & wanting cum - I jerk Boo off & get every drop from his cock!  Then I crush his cum with my sexy shoes!
(video length 9:48)

image: Skinny wife in panties giving footjob

Video: fetish: 3-8-16

Sexy, Natural Footjob: No make-up & no clothes, just my awesome feet & Boo's big cock! Several foot fucking positions before he shoots cum over & over again!
(video length 9:11)

image: MILF getting fucked in pantyhose

Video: my movies: 3-6-16

MF - Naughty Creampie: Johnny just does not care if I'm on the phone with my husband - he wants to fuck me & fill me with cum!  He's such a fucking pervert!
(video length 11:24)

image: Dirty feet and butthole masturbation instruction

Video: jerk4me: 3-4-16

Dirty Feet & Butthole: Just dirty enough to make your cock rock hard! So pull it out & stroke your cock like this Mister - now cum on my dirty feet & butthole!!
(video length 8:51)

image: Dirty talking asshole cumshot

Video: cumshots: 3-4-16

Dirty Talking Anal Cumshot: She takes his big cock up her ass like a pro & she LOVES it! Then he shoots cum like crazy & fucks her more! Includes slow motion version...
(video length 2:07)

image: Skinny naked wife having orgasm

Video: my movies: 3-2-16

Cumming on My Friend's Couch: Just like I tell my mom, if you don't want me to fuck & masturbate all over your stuff - don't give me a key to your house! Poor Gabby!
(video length 10:12)

February 2016

image: forty something hot mama gets naked in the back yard

Photos: 2-29-16

Hot Mama: Feeling oh so very sexy, stripping down outside & exposing my hot little body! Totally enjoying the Arizona sunshine! Hope this helps you warm up too!
(53 picture set)

image: Two hot wives in pantyhose dangling high heels

Video: jerk4me: 2-28-16

Leg Teasing with Gabrielle: We're wearing pantyhose & heels just for you Masturbator! Stroke your cock like this while we show off our sexy legs & feet - we want your cum!!
(video length 6:22)

image: Pacifier sucking blowjob cumshot

Video: cumshots: 2-28-16

Pacifier Blowjob Cumshot: This freak sucks on a pacifier with her cunt & mouth while sucking cock! Then she gets a face-full of cum!! Includes slow motion version...
(video length 2:04)

image: Curly hair wife sucking dick

Video: my movies: 2-25-16

Craving Cock & Cum Blowjob: Sucking Boo's cock with my wet mouth & lips - loving his taste & wanting his cum in my mouth!  You know I always get exactly what I want!!
(video length 8:53)

image: Soft hair jerk off instruction

Video: jerk4me: 2-23-16

Condition My Hair: I LOVE watching you jack off!  Rub your hard cock in my soft hair & help me grow it longer - shoot cum in my pretty hair Masturbator..
(video length 6:16)

image: Hot wife tickle fight

Video: strange fetish: 2-22-16

Gabrielle - Tickle Fight!: I may think I have the upper hand, but Gabrielle quickly flips me over & tickles the hell out of me - until I'm begging her for mercy!
(video length 4:14)

image: Longest hot pink nails handjob

Video: fetish: 2-20-16

Longest Pink Nails Handjob: I tickle his cock & scrape his balls with my extremely long pink nails! Stroking with my veiny hands & sexy nails until I get every drop of cum!
(video length 11:22)

image: Wifecrazy wrinkled soles in nylons

Video: jerk4me: 2-18-16

My Nylon Soles JOI: I wanna watch you play with your nice dick Foot Pervert!! Stroke your cock like this & shoot cum all over my nylon-covered, wrinkly soles!
(video length 8:38)

image: Skinny mature wife fucking and orgasm

Video: my movies: 2-16-16

Suck + Fuck + Orgasm: We suck & fuck like crazy just because we love it! He makes me have an incredible orgasm - then he fills me up with a big, hot load of cum!!
(video length 12:30)

image: Mature wife shows off her hairy bush on valentines day

Photos: 2-14-16

Happy V-Day: Feeling sexy, romantic & oh so horny in my little red nighty! I strip it off & show some love to my hairy pussy with both sides of my new dildo!
(57 picture set)

image: Over shoulders footjob

Video: fetish: 2-12-16

Over the Top Footjob: After throwing my legs over Boo's shoulders, I caress his cock with my amazing feet - until cum shoots out! Then I wiggle my toes in his cum!
(video length 8:27)

image: Ass fucked wife gets big anal creampie

Video: my movies: 2-9-16

Ooops! Anal Creampie: After my anal warm up & dirty talk, Boo slides his cock in my butthole - then cums instantly!!  I spread my ass & his massive load pours out!
(video length 7:22)

image: Spy cam wife shower orgasm

Video: my movies: 2-7-16

Member's Request: HOT Shower Orgasm
A HOT view from my shower spycam while I fuck my shower head massager! I cum so hard & my cunt feels so fucking good!
(video length 14:48)

image: Horny milf in pantyhose and glasses

Video: jerk4me: 2-4-16

Only Teasing J4M: I won't be getting naked for you Jerkboy, you're getting naked for me! I cannot wait to see cum squirt out from your cock & all over my face!
(video length 8:39)

image: Cuckolding her husband cumshot

Video: cumshots: 2-4-16

Freaky Feet Cumshot: She wraps her legs around his neck & strokes his cock with her freaky feet - until she gets a TON of cum! Includes slow motion version...
(video length 2:06)

image: MILF in glasses covered with cum

Video: my movies: 2-2-16

BJ in Glasses + Facial: Sucking & nibbling on Boo's cock like crazy - until he shoots cum over my head, in my eye & all over my glasses! *bonus bloopers ending*
(video length 10:01)

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