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September 2016

image: Mature tiny titjob

Video: fetish: 9-27-16

Baby Oil Titty Fuck: I just wanna feel a hard cock sliding in & out of my tiny tits! I drench them in baby oil & enjoy a hot titty fucking - with a nice big cumshot!
(video length 8:16)

image: Kinkiest pulled back blowjob

Video: my movies: 9-24-16

Kinkiest Cock Sucking: Nobody sucks cock like me!! I pull Boo's cock back & suck him off! Have I gone too far this time? I really hope his balls come back!
(video length 8:07)

image: Stacie in a see through robe

Photos: 9-22-16

Good morning: I absolutely love getting naked on my patio first thing in the morning! It definitely sets my sexy horny mood for the rest of the day!
(41 picture set)

image: Mature pantyhose feet joi

Video: jerk4me: 9-20-16

Nude Nylon Feet: I know nothing excites you more than my nylon covered feet - except maybe when I rub my pussy!! Jack off & cum on my nude pantyhose soles!
(video length 7:26)

image: Mature wifecrazy tickled in pantyhose

Video: strange fetish: 9-16-16

Tickled in Pantyhose: I'm getting undressed, but Boo jumps out & tickles me mercilessly!! He even pulls my dress over my head & ties me up with pantyhose!
(video length 8:20)

image: Kinky outdoor handjob from mature MILF

Video: fetish: 9-15-16

Cock Sling Handjob: My kinky little sling for milking Boo dry! I stroke his nice cock & fondle his full balls - until cum spurts out over & over again, then he shoots more!
(video length 6:15)

image: Mature unpolished footjob

Video: fetish: 9-13-16

Naked Body & Toes Footjob: Naked body & unpolished toenails, I stand over Boo & rub his cock with my amazing feet! I pinch & stroke until he cums - then I dip & wiggle my toes around in it!
(video length 10:27)

image: Mature wife uses massive dildo collection

Video: jerk4me: 9-11-16

All My Dildos: Surrounded by my entire dildo collection - talking about & trying out some of my favorites while you masturbate for me! Big, small - even a few at a time!
(video length 13:31)

image: Crazy wife licked and fucked

Video: my movies: 9-8-16

Pleasuring My Pussy: Boo does it good too! He licks, tongues & fingers my wet little pussy - then he fucks me hard & shoots cum in my open mouth! I swallow again...
(video length 9:36)

image: MILF worships cock with an oral creampie

Video: strange fetish: 9-6-16

Facejob - Oral Creampie: Worshipping Boo's amazing dick with my face! Sniffing & licking his cock - slapping it on my face & taking a BIG oral creampie! I swallow...
(video length 10:53)

image: Mature ass fucking

Video: my movies: 9-3-16

Dick Suck & Butt Fuck: After warming up in front of him & sucking his cock, I beg Boo for a real butt fucking! He fucks me, shoots cum & fucks my ass again!!
(video length 6:42)

image: MILF anal dildo orgasm

Video: my movies: 9-1-16

Cum Twice + Anal Dildo: The first orgasm I have while fucking my tight little butthole is so good - I treat myself (& you) to another one! SUPER HOT
(video length 11:21)

August 2016

image: Hardcore mature fucking

Video: my movies: 8-30-16

Man Handled - His Way: Boo sits me on his lap & shows me exactly what he wants! We fuck like crazy - he fills my cunt with cum - then we fuck some more!
(video length 11:35)

image: Mature cfnm handjob in pantyhose

Video: fetish: 8-28-16

CFNM Hose & Toes Handjob: Pretty in light pink polish & nude pantyhose - I stroke Boo's cock off onto my nylon covered toes, then wiggle them around like crazy!
(video length 10:36)

image: MILF in panties shows cameltoe

Video: jerk4me: 8-25-16

Best Camel Toe JOI: Slipping in & out of my sexy VF panties for you - they highlight my cameltoe perfectly! Stroke your nice cock & shoot me with cum!!
(video length 9:43)

image: Long red fingernails cumshot

Video: cumshots: 8-25-16

Longest Red Nails Cumshot: She strokes cock with veiny hands & LONG red nails until cum shoots out - then she's happy! Includes slow motion version...
(video length 2:05)

image: Friend's mom gives best footjob

Video: fetish: 8-22-16

Mrs R's Footjob: Johnny's best friend stops by & offers to massage my aching feet! I can't help noticing the big bulge in his pants & I just have to see it!
(video length 10:30)

image: Stacie from at Venice Beach CA.

Photos: 8-22-16

Venice Beach 2016: Sexy, fun, CRAZY Venice Beach vacation photos! Pool at a seedy bar, charming snakes, hanging with friends & having the time of my life!
(33 picture set)

image: Gabby tickles Stacie's feet

Video: jerk4me: 8-20-16

Gabby Tickles My Feet JOI: Just what you want Foot Pervert - Gabby tickles my sexy feet & I try to instruct you while laughing like crazy! Shoot cum on my feet...
(video length 7:27)

image: Stacie from at Venice Beach CA.

Photos: 8-20-16

Venice Beach 2015: Somehow my vacation pictures from last summer never got posted! There are some REALLY hot ones too - sandy beach feet, flashing on the boardwalk & so much more!
(78 picture set)

image: Blowjob in front of open window

Video: my movies: 8-18-16

Venice Beach Babe BJ: No make-up, tan lines & frizzy hair - I'm a TOTAL beach babe! I suck Boo's big cock by the open window & get a face full of hot cum!
(video length 8:15)

image: Crazy Gabby plays with Stacie's nipples

Video: strange fetish: 8-16-16

Big Tits + Small Tits: Gabby & I play "nipples" at our Venice Beach hotel room! Clothes pins, feathers & lots of giggling! Also check out my Lauglin pictures below...
(video length 4:29)

image: Naked lady in the window

Photos: 8-16-16

The View - Laughlin: Trying to decide which swim suit to wear when I notice the view is awesome & I want everyone to see it! So I press my naked body against the window!!
(64 picture set)

image: Stacie wants cum in her asshole

Video: jerk4me: 8-11-16

Cum in My Spread Ass: If you wanna stare long & hard at my wide spread asshole, then you'd better masturbate for me! Shoot your cum right at my butthole!!
(video length 9:04)

image: Taboo roleplay fucking

Video: my movies: 8-10-16

MF - Bruised Dick: Johnny's nervous about a bruise on his dick, so I check it out thoroughly - to make sure it's not broken! He's so lucky to have me around!
(video length 13:59)

image: Crazy wife handjob and cum slurping

Video: strange fetish: 8-8-16

Beating His Meat!: I simply can't resist making Boo cum in the freakiest ways! Beating his meat until he cums - then I slurp every drop up with a straw!
(video length 9:52)

image: Mature wife forces orgasm

Video: my movies: 8-6-16

Up Close Orgasm: Fucking the fat end of my glass dildo while holding the magic wand against my clit! Sweating & struggling to cum, but it was SO worth it!
(video length 11:40)

image: MILF in stirrups wants cum

Video: jerk4me: 8-4-16

Stirrups, Soles & Toes J4M: Wrinkling my soft soles & spreading my sexy toes while you stroke your cock for me! Jack off & cum on my soles Foot Pervert!
(video length 7:06)

image: Taboo facial cumshot

Video: cumshots: 8-4-16

Pretty Facial Cumshot - MF: This perverted mom fucks & sucks - then she takes a BIG facial on her pretty face & glasses! Includes slow motion version...
(video length 2:06)

image: Mature lady shows off her soles and feet

Photos: 8-2-16

Stirrups, Soles & Toes: I really hope you love it Lizzy! Stretching out in stirrups, wrinkling my soft soles & spreading my sexy toes for all my foot perverts!
(52 picture set)

July 2016

image: Mature cock sucking and oral cream pie

Video: my movies: 7-31-16

Biting Bikini Blowjob: Feeling wild in my leopard bikini! I bite Boo's cock & suck on it too - until cum shoots into my open mouth! Then I swallow the oral creampie!
(video length 10:30)

image: Loving wife handjob

Video: fetish: 7-29-16

Thankful CFNM Handjob: Showing appreciation for all Boo did today & I'm extra nice with his dick! I tickle & pull on his dick & balls - until his cock shoots cum!
(video length 9:12)

image: Blowjob and fucking on a ladder

Video: my movies: 7-26-16

Job Site Fucking: We've got a lot of work left to do, but we always have time for naughty fun! Cock sucking & fucking on the ladder plus a big creampie!
(video length 8:46)

image: MILF in pantyhose wants cum

Video: jerk4me: 7-23-16

Legs, Feet, Pantyhose JOI: I know it's impossible to pick just one part - especially when I'm wearing suntan pantyhose! So stroke your cock & cum on all of them!
(video length 8:56)

image: Oral creampie cumshot

Video: cumshots: 7-23-16

Wet Licking Cumshot: She licks with her juicy tongue until cum shoots into her mouth - then she blows a cum bubble! Includes slow motion version...
(video length 2:08)

image: Veiny footjob and handjob

Video: fetish: 7-20-16

Veiny Footjob + Handjob: Taking a break & working on Boo's cock! My veins pop out while I stroke with my hands & my feet - I get precum & cum for my toes too!!
(video length 8:40)

image: Milf begging for cum

Video: jerk4me: 7-18-16

I Want Blue Collar Cum: I just love a blue collar man & I really want you for the job! Stroke your cock for me - maybe we can work out some sort of discount!!
(video length 7:25)

image: French pedicure toes cumshot

Video: cumshots: 7-18-16

French Pedi Cumshot: This freak rubs her feet all over his face while they fuck - then he shoots cum on her french pedi toes! Includes slow motion version...
(video length 2:03)

image: Skinny wife blowjob and facial

Video: my movies: 7-15-16

Lick, Suck, Bite - BJ + Facial: I wrap my lips around Boo's big dick, then worship with my mouth & tongue! Licking, sucking, & biting until cum explodes on to my face!!
(video length 8:42)

image: Mature wife dildo in ass plus orgasm

Video: my movies: 7-13-16

Powerful Anal Orgasm: A thick hard dildo in my ass & a powerful vibrator on my clit - no wonder I cry so hard while cumming like crazy! Then Boo fucks me again...
(video length 11:55)

image: Mature feet during missionary sex

Video: my movies: 7-11-16

Foot View Missionary Sex: After luring Boo into the bedroom, we do something out of the ordinary - sweet missionary sex with kissing! I even film the cumshot!!
(video length 6:39)

image: Veiny kinky handjob

Video: fetish: 7-8-16

Tied Cock & Balls Handjob: Sometimes I just need to get a little bit kinky with Boo's cock & balls! After tying him up, I stroke until cum shoots into my open mouth!
(video length 8:36)

image: Sexy nylon legs joi

Video: jerk4me: 7-6-16

Sweet in Stockings: Curly hair, stockings & my sexy legs - just for you Mister! Stroke your cock & give me cum! *Now check below for total bitchiness...
(video length 6:45)

image: Mature bitch masturbation instruction

Video: jerk4me: 7-6-16

Bitchy in Nylons: Do you always keep gorgeous women waiting like this?!? Go ahead & stroke your dick, but you'll be lucky if I even let you cum today!
(video length 6:58)

image: Mature wife fucking and creampie

Video: my movies: 7-3-16

Celebrate with a Bang!: I just want a HOT fuck for the 4th & to make our own fireworks! Boo gives me his big dick & fills my pussy FULL of cum! BANG! BANG!
(video length 7:20)

image: Mature wife dildoing cunt and fucking

Video: my movies: 7-1-16

Incredibly Creamy Orgasm: Fucking my dildo & using my new cordless magic wand - until I cum incredibly HARD & make my cunt all creamy! Wanna clean me up Mister?
(video length 11:48)

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