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February 2015

image: Tied up and tickle wife

Video: strange fetish: 2-27-15

I can't believe how much Boo gets off on torturing me! He has too much fun tickling me & whipping my tender bottom - while I'm hanging from the ceiling & helpless!
(video length 7:31)

image: Wife gives kinky footjobs

Video: fetish: 2-25-15

I love getting freaky all over Boo's cock with my feet! First I butter them up, then I stroke his dick in many kinky ways - until I get cum! Yum...Hot Buttered Cum!!
(video length 7:59)

image: sucking cock in keds

Video: my movies: 2-22-15

After seeing this cute guy in the parking lot, I flash him all my naughty bits & lure him up to my room! I've just gotta suck his big cock & taste his hot cum!
(video length 9:27)

image: skinny wife squatting and fingering pussy

Video: jerk4me: 2-20-15

Member's request: squatting, knee caps & masturbating. While I'm squatting down & fingering my wet pussy - my knees are in perfect view for you! Give me your cum!!
(video length 6:51)

image: real wife fucking in her bedroom

Video: my movies: 2-18-15

Impromptu sex tape: At the last minute we record our own private sexy time - instead of just keeping it to ourselves & on our spy cam! Includes a HOT creampie ending.
(video length 10:29)

image: horny mature wife masturbating

Video: my movies: 2-16-15

I'm already naked & masturbating when Boo gets home!  He immediately jumps in & finger bangs my horny cunt until I have an incredibly intense orgasm!!
(video length 5:21)

image: milf spreads her legs for you

Photo set: 2-14-15

Be my Valentine Lover please! I'll do anything I can to make you mine Loverboy! Wearing my sexiest nighty & slut red lips, I fuck my pussy with my HOT new heels!
(52 picture set)

image: Cum on my hairy cunt

Video: jerk4me: 2-11-15

Pull out your cock Lover, I know you wanna fuck my hairy cunt! Let's fantasize together... Fuck me fast & fuck me hard - now spray my overgrown bush with cum!!
(video length 7:52)

image: Veiny arms and hands handjob

Video: cumshots: 2-11-15

This handjob queen skillfully strokes on his big dick with her incredibly sexy, veiny hands - until a massive cum load shoots out! Includes slow motion version...
(video length 2:03)

image: Fucking in tight jeans and black boots

Video: my movies: 2-9-15

Boo gets a raging boner for my new sexy outfit! He pulls down my jeans & fucks me hard - until he squirts hot cum all over my ass & it's dripping down my crack!
(video length 9:30)

image: Wife loves kinky handjobs

Video: fetish: 2-7-15

Giving an extremely kinky handjob! I stick clothes pins on Boo's big balls & stroke his cock softly (mostly) - until he shoots cum all over my pantyhose covered feet!
(video length 11:49)

image: Masturbation instruction with real cum facial

Video: jerk4me: 2-4-15

I really need to relieve some stress honey!! Be my good boy & stroke your nice dick! Obey me - cum on my face!! *This HOT joi clip includes an actual facial!*
(video length 9:10)

image: Sexiest feet cumshot

Video: cumshots: 2-4-15

She dances all over this big dick with her perfectly graceful & gorgeous feet - until a giant cumload explodes all over her leg! Includes slow motion version...
(video length 2:02)

image: I need a big cock

Video: my movies: 2-2-15

I just need to fuck! It's been way too long since I've had anything deep in my cunt! Boo fucks me like a maniac & shoots cum everywhere - especially on my hairy cunt!
(video length 12:05)

January 2015

image: Stacie has hairy pussy

Photo set: 1-31-15

Winter bush time again for all you hairy cunt lovers! Fucking my hairy cunt with a giant glass dildo!  This monster stretches my pussy way out & it feels so good!!
(53 picture set)

image: Dangling stripper heels in pantyhose

Video: strange fetish: 1-28-15

Stripper heels & sexy hose for you. I'm dangling my HOT collection of brand new high heels while wearing my sexy, barely-there pantyhose - just how you like it!
(video length 9:38)

image: Mouth fucking cumshot

Video: cumshots: 1-28-15

This blowjob queen tries to hold still while he fucks her mouth fast & hard - until a giant cumload shoots all over her small tits!! Includes slow motion version...
(video length 2:12)

image: Pantyhose on legs & arms of one hot wife

Video: jerk4me: 1-26-15

Some pantyhose passion play for you! Barely there pantyhose & a pair for my arms too! Grab some nylons for yourself & jack off for me jerkboy - give me cum!
(video length 8:59)

image: Big orgasm for this exy MILF

Video: my movies: 1-24-15

I have an incredible orgasm while getting off with my all my favorite things!  Going hard at my pussy with my fingers, dildo, & magic wand until I cum extra good!!
(video length 7:12)

image: Pantyhose covered soles with cum

Video: strange fetish: 1-22-15

Boo plays with his cock for me! I have fun watching him jack off & I enjoy the way his cock feels on my pantyhose soles! It's so fucking good - I have to touch my pussy!!
(video length 9:32)

image: Wife loves giving handjobs

Video: fetish: 1-19-15

Giving a long & loving handjob! There are so many things that I love about cocks!  I share them all while stroking off Boo's cock in many different ways - until I get cum!
(video length 14:09)

image: Mature wife Stacie slips her shoes off to show off her sexy feet

Photo set: 1-17-15

Stacie's wrinkley soles up close & personal! Go ahead - admire my extremely high arches & slightly rough heels too!  Rub your cock all over my sexy feet Mister!!
(46 picture set)

image: Sexy MILF fucked in an apron

Video: my movies: 1-15-15

Time for some freaky fun cock sucking! Pulling Boo's cock back as far as it will go, then sucking & licking my best - until I get a great big cumload on my pretty face!
(video length 10:35)

image: Wife wears apron & buttplug

Video: jerk4me: 1-12-15

Member's Request: I'm wearing my apron & my buttplug, but I don't have time to instruct you. Just jack off while I clean!  Do a good job & you can cum in my butthole!
(video length 7:40)

image: MF titties cumshot

Video: cumshots: 1-12-15

This ultimate MILF fucks him hard & then she strokes his dick off - until he squirts cum like crazy all over her older titties! Includes slow motion version...
(video length 2:02)

image: Sexy woman footjob

Video: fetish: 1-10-15

Hot lady in red footjob! I seduce Boo with my sexy red nighty & amazing womanly feet! After stroking with my arches, toes, & soles - he shoots cum all over me!
(video length 9:49)

image: Sexy MILF fucked in an apron

Video: my movies: 1-8-15

I greet Boo at the door wearing my sexy new apron & nothing underneath! Then I let him fuck me hard in the kitchen - until he squirts a ton of cum on my face!!
(video length 10:13)

image: Bushy cunt squatting over your face

Video: jerk4me: 1-6-15

Member's Request: Bushy cunt squatting over your face! I've been growing out my cunt hair for you! Get your dick out & jack off while I squat over your face!!
(video length 9:13)

image: Eyelash fluttering facial cumshot

Video: cumshots: 1-6-15

This sexy wife strokes his dick with her dish glove hands - until a giant load of cum shoots out! Then she licks & swallows the cumshot! Includes slow motion version...
(video length 2:03)

image: Hot mom gets anal creampie

Video: my movies: 1-3-15

Butt fucking anal creampie action! Watch me while I warm up my butthole & don't stick your dick in until I tell you to!! Now fill my ass with cum & watch me push it out!
(video length 11:01)

image: Hot mom gets fucked hard

Video: my movies: 1-1-15

MF - Make Up Sex! The twins have a big fight when Robby finds out I'm fucking Johnny!  But I find a way to make it up to Rob & the make up sex is fucking HOT!
(video length 12:48)

December 2014

image: Naked wife toying and watching you jack off

Video: jerk4me: 12-30-14

Getting off together! I love watching you jack off! Pull out your cock & stroke it for me!  I want to cum together - squirt me with cum while I fuck my juicy cunt!!
(video length 5:46)

image: Hot wife's real orgasm

Video: my movies: 12-28-14

Strong Vibrating Orgasm! Using my Magic Wand & a few fingers, I rub my clit & finger my cunt - until I have an incredible orgasm! I REALLY fucking needed that!
(video length 8:05)

image: All Stacie wants for Christmas is you

Photo set: 12-26-14

All I want for Christmas: I've been naughty all year long - maybe Santa will spank my bottom when he shows up! Or maybe he'll slap my wet cunt with his jolly old cock!!
(33 picture set)

image: High heels crushing

Video: strange fetish: 12-23-14

I'm so tired of the holiday season - shiny bows, jingling bells, & all the fucking joy - I'm done!  It's time to crush the fuck out of xmas & end this thing for good!
(video length 5:36)

image: Eyelash fluttering facial cumshot

Video: cumshots: 12-23-14

He fucks Mrs. Clause & fills her cunt with a huge creampie! Then the massive cumshot pours from her freshly fucked cunt!! Includes slow motion version...
(video length 2:03)

image: Dick in a box handjob

Video: fetish: 12-21-14

What lady wouldn't want dick in a box? Boo got me the perfect Christmas gift!  It's just the right size & I can't keep my hands off it! I play with it until I get another present...
(video length 8:01)

image: Cum in my panties

Video: jerk4me: 12-19-14

You've just gotta jack off for me please, you know you're my favorite to watch! Stroke your cock & I'll strip out of my clothes - now fill my sexy panties with cum!!
(video length 8:34)

image: Stacie is so horny she fucks a hair brush handle

Photo set: 12-17-14

Horny Mama: Sometimes I feel so sexy in my pantyhose & I get so damn horny - I just have to get naked & shove something hard into my wet cunt!
(58 picture set)

image: MILF wearing glasses gives blowjob interview

Video: my movies: 12-15-14

Interview with a cock sucker! Some personal background on my cock sucking experience! Then I demonstrate on Boo's big dick & take a HUGE facial!
(video length 11:53)

image: Sexy wife rough tickling

Video: strange fetish: 12-13-14

He's at it again, torturing me by tickling over & over again! He overpowers me, holds me down, & tickles me until I'm begging for mercy! What a pervert!
(video length 5:09)

image: Eyelash fluttering facial cumshot

Video: cumshots: 12-13-14

She bats her pretty eye lashes while sucking on his big cock! This pro keeps fluttering her lashes while he shoots cum on her face! Includes slow motion version...
(video length 2:02)

image: Crazy wife reach around handjob

Video: fetish: 12-11-14

My hottest reach around handjob yet! I press hard on his back with my naked body, while I wrap my arms & legs around him. Then I stroke his cock until cum shoots out!
(video length 11:13)

image: Jack off and flick your dick

Video: jerk4me: 12-9-14

Flick Your Dick & Stroke - Something different for you! Hold your dick & lightly flick the head!  Flick it harder, stroke it & cum on my small tits!
(video length 7:44)

image: MILF in the shower has orgasm

Video: my movies: 12-6-14

My big orgasm in the shower. I give you two hot views while pleasuring my pussy with this powerful shower head massager!
I cum hard & loud - feels so GOOD!
(video length 10:22)

image: Wife gives oily titjob

Video: fetish: 12-4-14

After oiling up my small tits & huge nipples, I rub Boo's dick all over my slippery chest.
I slap & stroke his cock with my tits - until he shoots cum on my rock hard nipples!
(video length 9:42)

image: Wife fucks to relieve holiday stress

Video: my movies: 12-2-14

Relieving the holiday stress with some HOT fucking!  I sit on Boo's lap & show him exactly what I want for XXXmas!  He fucks me hard & cums on my ass...HOHOHO
(video length 7:01)

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