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August 2015

image: Skinny wife cums hard and loud

Video: my movies: 8-2-15

Tan Lines + Orgasm: Feeling extra horny from playing at the beach! First I finger bang my cunt, then I clit fuck my magic wand until I cum!  It's just the beginning...
(video length 8:54)

July 2015

image: Milf shaves her pussy

Photo set: 7-31-15

To Shave?: I prefer my pussy shaved, but some of you LOVE when my cunt hairs are LONG! Just a sweet little side by side comparison for you to contemplate!
(32 picture set)

image: Hot wife in black bra and panties

Video: jerk4me: 7-27-15

*Member's Request* Prettiest RHT Nylons: My sexiest retro lingerie & glimmer rht stockings just for you! Stroke your dick for me & squirt my nylon covered soles!!
(video length 7:21)

image: Dirty anal creampie cum shot

Video: cumshots: 7-27-15

Creamy Cunt Cumshot: He fucks her deep & shoots cum in her cunt - then she spreads wide & the creampie drips out slowly! Includes slow motion version...
(video length 2:04)

image: Wife gives expert handjob in lingerie

Video: fetish: 7-24-15

Pretty Little Handjob: Feeling pretty from head to toe & all I want is to touch Boo's cock!  I play with his dick in every way possible - until I'm ready for his cum!
(video length 14:06)

image: Wife slurps cum with a straw and swallows

Video: my movies: 7-22-15

Boo soothes my sunburn & I show my gratitude by sucking his cock off!  I suck on his dick like crazy until cum squirts out - then I slurp up every drop with a straw!
(video length 11:39)

image: Hot milf begs for butt fucking

Video: my movies: 7-19-15

Bootylicious Butt Fucking: My ass looks HOT in this butt fucking clip! First I warm up with my big black dildo - then Boo fucks me hard & shoots cum on my butthole!
(video length 6:44)

image: Hot brunette in lingerie strips nude

Photo set: 7-17-15

Mirror Mirror: Who's the fairest milf of all? You know it's me silly - just take a look! I'm a 42 year old mom with an insatiable sex drive & I LOVE getting naked for you!
(59 picture set)

image: Hot wife in black bra and panties

Video: jerk4me: 7-14-15

No stroking today Jerkboy, I only wanna see you rub your cock like this with your fingers! Pump up your balls I need you to make me happy & squirt my face with cum!!
(video length 8:05)

image: Dirty anal creampie cum shot

Video: cumshots: 7-14-15

She doesn't even squat once on his cock & he shoots cum deep inside her ass! She bounces again, then cum pours from her ass! Includes slow motion version...
(video length 2:11)

image: Wife gives kinky cock sleeve handjob

Video: fetish: 7-12-15

Sleeved Cock Handjob: This cock sleeve is TIGHT, but I finally manage to slide it over Boo's big cock! Then I stroke him off - until cum shoots out all over my sexy body!!
(video length 10:27)

image: Barefoot and naked crushing

Video: strange fetish: 7-10-15

*Member's Request* - Naked Crushing
I pulverize these mother fuckers into a pile of mush! First I crush them, then I squish their sperm guts & do my happy dance!
(video length 6:37)

image: Hot milf gets fucked on the couch

Video: my movies: 7-8-15

Feeling horny & playing with my pussy but that's just not enough! Good thing he fucks me hard & slaps my clit with his big cock - until he squirts cum all over my cunt!
(video length 9:45)

image: Taboo role play footjob

Video: fetish: 7-5-15

*Member Request*: MF - Filthy, Dirty FJ After a long day at work, I coax Johnny into rubbing my filthy, dirty feet - with his nice big cock too! He is so good to me!
(video length 10:10)

image: Sexy red, white, and blue shoe dangling

Video: strange fetish: 7-3-15

Patriotic + Naked Dangling: Dangling red, white, & blue shoes in my patriotic bikini! The grand finale - my most sparkley heels & my naked body - with singing too!!
(video length 8:02)

image: Small titty MILF with huge nipples

Video: jerk4me: 7-1-15

My Small Tits & Big Nipples: Watching you jack off makes me so horny! Just look at how hard you're making my nipples Mister! Squirt my small tits with your hot cum!!
(video length 7:50)

image: Teeth scrape on dick cum shot

Video: cumshots: 7-1-15

This horny, cock hungry MILF scrapes her teeth all over his dick while she's sucking him off - until a ton of cum shoots out! Includes slow motion version...
(video length 2:04)

June 2015

image: Naked milf out doors

Photo set: 6-29-15

Coffee Break with Me?: Just enjoying my coffee in my beautiful back yard - but everything's better when I'm nude! I strip naked & spread my cunt wide for you!!
(43 picture set)

image: Kinky pulled back blowjob

Video: my movies: 6-27-15

I absolutely LOVE pulling Boo's cock back as far as possible & sucking him off from behind!  Judging by the giant cumload Boo shoots into my mouth - he LOVES it too!
(video length 8:44)

image: Hot chick gets fucked in the bathroom

Video: my movies: 6-24-15

Fuck Me Here & Now!: I really can't wait any longer for Boo's cock! I suck on him a little, then shove his cock inside of me & make him shoot my face with cum!
(video length 9:38)

image: Milf rips pantyhose and fucks her self

Video: jerk4me: 6-22-15

Cunt Hole Pantyhose Let's get off together Jerkboy! Stroke it for my barely there cunt hole pantyhose! Imagine your cock sliding in & out - now give me cum!
(video length 9:13)

image: She gets tickled in nothing but pantyhose

Video: strange fetish: 6-19-15

Pantyhose Tickling
Boo is at it again! I'm trying to stretch out in my sexy dress & pantyhose, but he just won't stop tickling me like CRAZY!
(video length 6:24)

image: Milf rides hot pink dildo

Photo set: 6-16-15

Pink from head to toe & everywhere in between! Fucking my pink cunt with my hot pink rubber cock - no wonder I love pink so much!! I'm such a horny, hot, & nasty girl!
(50 picture set)

image: Mature wife sexy handjob

Video: fetish: 6-15-15

Creative Cock Stroking: Using only one hand - I pull, caress, tickle, & stroke Boo's big dick!  After I force all of the cum from his cock, I lick it up & swallow it down!!
(video length 12:53)

image: Mature woman fucks black dildo!

Video: my movies: 6-13-15

Ripped Pantyhose Dildo Fucking: I tear a hole in the crotch of my nude pantyhose & fuck my big black dildo! Then I add my magic wand & cum so fucking hard!
(video length 10:18)

image: Nasty pantyhose footjob

Video: fetish: 6-11-15

Member's Request: Neon Toes + Pantyhose Stroking on Boo's cock & balls with my dirty, nylon covered feet - until he shoots a ton of cum on my beautiful, bright toes!!
(video length 9:27)

image: Naked wife begs for cum

Video: jerk4me: 6-9-15

Get Your Dick Out! You stroke it so good & I REALLY love watching you! Grab your balls & jack off like this - now give me what I want! Squirt me with your hot cum Mister!!
(video length 6:09)

image: Nasty nun cum shot

Video: cumshots: 6-9-15

This sexy butt slut enjoys getting fucked in the rump! He fucks her hard & shoots cum all over her little, puckered, chocolate starfish! Includes slow motion version...
(video length 2:07)

image: Skinny naked wife riding cock!

Video: my movies: 6-7-15

Cock Riding Creampie! Sucking Boo's dick, sitting on his face & riding his cock - until he fills my horny cunt with cum! Then I let the messy creampie drip out slowly!
(video length 9:34)

image: Wife peeing her panties twice

Video: strange fetish: 6-4-15

*Member's Request*: Peeing My Panties + Just like you want it Pervert! I pee in 2 pairs of my sexy panties & then I wipe them all over my pretty face! Ewww...
(video length 5:47)

image: Neon nails handjob

Video: fetish: 6-2-15

I REALLY need some cum right now!  I wrap my sexy hands around Boo's cock & stroke him off!  He fills my mouth with cum & I swallow down every delicious drop!!
(video length 9:30)

May 2015

image: Mature lady flashing in public

Photo set: 5-31-15

Perfect Day for Flashing: It's heating up in Phoenix & I just had to get out into the sunshine!  I feel so horny & sexy flashing out in public!! Did you see me Mister?
(60 picture set)

image: Wife in glasses and gloves sucks dick!

Video: my movies: 5-29-15

Members' Requests: Glasses & Gloves Blowjob! I need cock in my mouth NOW! I suck Boo's big dick & caress his full balls - until he shoots my entire face with cum!
(video length 9:28)

image: Wife in crotchless body stocking joi

Video: jerk4me: 5-26-15

Just how slow can you go Mister? Squeeze your dick tight & stroke it exactly how I tell you!  Now point your cock right here & shoot hot cum right in my butthole!!
(video length 8:14)

image: Nasty nun cum shot

Video: cumshots: 5-26-15

This unbelievably nasty nun sucks his cock like she's done this before - then he empties his balls into her mouth!! Includes slow motion version...
(video length 2:04)

image: Skinny MILF anal sex

Video: my movies: 5-23-15

Member's Request: Fuck My Butt Hard
Boo rams his big cock deep into my tight butthole & makes me cry out with pleasure (& a little pain) - then he gives me cum!
(video length 6:31)

image: Crotchless bodystocking footjob

Video: fetish: 5-21-15

Crotchless Bodystocking Footjob: I stroke his cock with my talented feet & fuck him with my foot pussy!  Aiming his cumshot straight at my exposed cunt - BULLSEYE!
(video length 7:11)

image: Skinny naked wife gives the best handjob

Video: fetish: 5-18-15

How much pre-cum can pour from Boo's cock before he finally squirts the mother load? I just keep stroking on his big dick, until he shoots cum all over my thigh!
(video length 11:58)

image: Wife licks her friends feet and toes

Photo set: 5-16-15

My sexy friend is back! Gabrielle's feet are so hot I just can't resist! I suck her toes & lick her soles for your viewing pleasure! Then we show off our hot MILF panties!!
(55 picture set)

image: Wife orgasm in the shower

Video: my movies: 5-14-15

Member's Request: Shaving & Cumming
I shave my cunt completely bald, play with my shower head massager & my bath tub faucet too - until I cum REALLY good!
(video length 13:15)

image: Highly arched mom feet

Video: jerk4me: 5-12-15

No it's not trick photography, you have never seen feet like mine Mister! Pull out your cock & stroke on it - now shoot your cum on my incredibly high arches!!
(video length 5:23)

image: Reach around handjob cum shot

Video: cumshots: 5-12-15

This cock massaging expert strokes him slowly & perfectly - until she milks every drop of cum from his dick!! Damn she's GOOD! Includes slow motion version...
(video length 2:06)

image: Skinny wife strips and fucks

Video: my movies: 5-9-15

MF - Making Up Oral Creampie: This ungrateful little bastard is mad that he has to share a bed with me! Maybe this will convince him that I know what's best!
(video length 13:53)

image: Skinny wife strips and fucks

Video: my movies: 5-7-15

Member's Request: Stripping + Sexing Stripping down to my sexy black stockings then teasing, sucking, & fucking his cock - until I make him squirt cum!!
(video length 10:41)

image: Wife licking hairy arm pits

Video: strange fetish: 5-5-15

With some luck, you'll be seeing a LOT more of my good friend Gabrielle in the future! Her pits aren't always hairy, she did that just for me & my tongue!
(video length 5:37)

image: Mature tiny titty fucking

Video: fetish: 5-3-15

Crazy Sexy Titty Fucking! Driving in the car topless, teasing Boo with my cute little tits! Once we get home, I go all crazy on his cock until he shoots cum on my nipples!
(video length 8:22)

image: Long cunt hair

Video: jerk4me: 5-1-15

I need you to jack off for my long cunt hair! I'll spread my thick black cunt hair if you jack off! Stroke your cock like this & cum right here on my horny pussy!!
(video length 7:46)

April 2015

image: Mature wife shows off her feet in pantyhose

Photo set: 4-29-15

My hot nylon feet: Soles, toes & pantyhose all on display for you - along with my sweet ass & hairy cunt!  I know you're in love with my incredibly sexy feet!!
(54 picture set)

image: Wife licks cum out of penis

Video: cumshots: 4-29-15

She licks his big dick over & over like a tasty ice cream cone - until cum explodes from his dick & squirts out everywhere! Includes slow motion version...
(video length 2:06)

image: Kinky pulled back handjob

Video: fetish: 4-26-15

Giving an extremely kinky pulled back HJ! I pull Boo's cock back further than ever before - then I massage his balls & stroke his dick until cum shoots out like crazy!
(video length 12:20)

image: Dildo riding wife

Video: strange fetish: 4-24-15

Member's Request: Only for Foot Perverts
Nude nylons on my feet while I wiggle my toes & wrinkle my soles - then Boo has too much kinky fun torturing me!
(video length 8:02)

image: No makeup blowjob and facial

Video: my movies: 4-22-15

Zero makeup blowjob & facial fun! After laying out by the pool, I suck Boo's cock with absolutely no makeup on my face! I suck it hard & he covers my face in cum!!
(video length 10:17)

image: Hardcore fucking creampie

Video: my movies: 4-20-15

As soon as the delivery guys walk out the door, we start sucking & fucking like crazy! We also fuck all over the table & chair, until he fills my cunt with cum!
(video length 7:49)

image: candid wife pictures

Photos: crazy: 4-20-15

Hanging out at a local car show enjoying all the cars, women, & beers! Of course I was shaking my ass to the live rock-n-roll & a special appearance by some friends!
(16 picture set)

image: Cum on my face please

Video: jerk4me: 4-17-15

Make me happy, pull out your dick please! Stroke it like this for me & rub it all over my face! Now point your dick right here & give me your cum Mister!
(video length 8:30)

image: Skinny wife cums hard

Video: my movies: 4-17-15

I'm in desparate need of an intense orgasm! Using my magic wand & my smooth dildo - I fuck my own cunt like crazy until I cum extra hard! I really needed that!!
(video length 9:24)

image: milf in sexy panties

Photo set: 4-15-15

Member's Request: My New Panties! Modeling some of my sexy new panties for you! I slip them on & off, showing you all my HOT naughty bits in between!
(53 picture set)

image: Dick drooling precum footjob

Video: fetish: 4-13-15

Drooling Dick Footjob: Showing off my arches & stepping down gently, until I see Boo's pre-cum drooling! Then I step harder & get ALL the cum from his big dick!
(video length 10:28)

image: Dildo riding wife

Video: strange fetish: 4-11-15

Member's Request: Clear Table Dildo Riding
Sucking & fucking 2 rubber dongs while you watch from down below!  I fuck them like crazy - then I cum hard & loud!!
(video length 6:53)

image: Wife fucked on outside balcony

Video: my movies: 4-9-15

I invite Boo out to fuck me on the balcony in broad day light!! He fucks me while standing, then I bounce up & down on his cock - until he fills my cunt with cum!
(video length 7:03)

image: Nylon soles jerk for me

Video: jerk4me: 4-7-15

I've got a HOT surprise for you Mister - my nude nylon soles & my sweet sexy smile! Stroke just like this & cum on my feet!  I want to wear your cum all day long!
(video length 9:09)

image: Wife footjob cum shot

Video: cumshots: 4-7-15

She fingers her juicy cunt while he fucks her incredibly sexy feet - then he shoots a massive cum load all over her HOT soles! Includes slow motion version...
(video length 2:06)

image: Wife gets ass fucked

Video: my movies: 4-4-15

Now that we've got our new apartment, the fun begins!! I seduce Boo into fucking my tight little butthole! He fucks my ass nice & hard, then squirts cum everywhere!
(video length 12:14)

image: Red stocking blowjob and cumshot.

Video: strange fetish: 4-2-15

Member's Request: I take off my nylon, put it over Boo's cock & suck - until he fills my stocking with cum! Then I slip it back on & wiggle my toes in his hot cumload!
(video length 12:18)

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