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July 2024

image: Hot housewife sucks a mans cock off in reverse doggystyle blowjob extracting every drop of semen

Video: My Movies: 7-15-24

Extremely Pulled Back BJ:
I pull Boo's big cock back and suck the fuck out of him! I lick and tickle him in all the right places too - until I coax every drop of cum from deep within his balls! YUMMY!!
(video length 13:02)

image: Mature over 50 wife gets her pussy pound by a big strong cock

Video: My Movies: 7-11-24

Pound My Pussy:
Nothing like Boo's big, strong cock pounding my horny cunt! Feels so fucking good when he grabs me and penetrates deeper - I cry out for more! I LOVE tasting his cum load!
(video length 7:27)

image: Mature wife in pigtails plays with her bald cunt untill she reaches a intense orgasm

Video: My Movies: 7-9-24

Orgasm in Pigtails:
Extra horny today with my pigtails, corset and bald cunt! I dildo the fuck out of my pussy hole and vibrate my clit - until I have a loud, intense, body trembling orgasm!!
(video length 11:18)

image: Smokin hot brunette firecracker milf in glasses gives a long slow handjob ending in a nice thick cum filled facial

Video: Fetish: 7-4-24

Slow + Long Patriotic HJ:
I take my time with this one! Soft stroking with ball tickling and some light sucking, until I finally get a ton of pre-cum and now I want more! I don't stop until he shoots a messy cumload on my glasses and face!
(video length 27:42)

image: Mature lady with amazing nipples wants you to cum on her face and very long fluttering eyelashes

Jerk Off Instruction: 6-29-24

Long Fluttering Lashes:
Soft butterfly kisses for your cock! Jack off for me while I flutter and batt my amazing womanly lashes! I love watching you stroke and I need your cum on my face please!
(video length 7:50)

June 2024

image: Milf gets her asshole licked and tounged before she receving a nice hard anal pounding

Video: My Movies: 6-26-24

Ass Licking + Ass Fucking:
The only warm up for my tight butt hole is Boo's long, wet tongue! After a deep tongue fucking, he rams his big cock straight up my stink hole and makes me scream for more! I so love the feeling of cum filling my ass!
(video length 8:49)

image: House wife wearing black toe socks gives a footjob untill he cums on her black soles

Video: Fetish: 6-23-24

Black Toe Socks FJ:
Wiggling my talented toes and stroking Boo's big dick - all while wearing my very special, member-requested toe socks! I get him right there then he cums on my soles!
(video length 10:55)

image: Horny milf sucking a random cock in a strange gloryhole porn video

Video: My Movies: 6-20-24

Gloryhole? BJ:
Horny milf sucking a random cock in a strange gloryhole porn video! Okay, but it's so fun to fantasize about! I suck his big cock until I get every drop of cum!!
(video length 6:55)

image: Fucking my bald pussy in the bathroom while you jack your cock off on to my keds

Jerk Off Instruction: 6-16-24

Blue Keds + Bald Cunt:
Feeling so MILFY in the bathroom, so I strip down to my Keds and fuck my bald pussy! Stroke your cock hard, squeeze it tight for me - now cum on my pretty blue Keds!
(video length 10:36)

image: Mature hot horny house wife gets her pussy eaten out then fucked with a big cock stud until she reaches orgasm

Video: My Movies: 6-12-24

Need a Good Fuck Indeed:
After licking and eating my bald cunt Boo fucks me like he's 21 again and I love it like crazy! His cock goes deep, his balls slap my clit then I cum so hard! He shoots cum on my cunt and I indulge in a sex snack!
(video length 11:14)

image: This frisky milf has shaved her pussy bald and want you to warm her cunt hole with huge amounts of semen

Jerk Off Instruction: 6-7-24

Pigtails + Bald Cunt:
My bald cunt craves huge amounts of cum, so jack off for me Mister! Stroke your cock like this while I spread my hairless hoo haw! Now give me that big, hot load of cum!!
(video length 7:11)

image: Hot wife Stacie introduced her man to the rusty trombone when she stuck her tounge in his ass and tugged on his cock and ate up his cum load

Video: Fetish: 6-4-24

Cutest Rusty Trombone:
Feeling so cute, butt acting like a dirty slut! Pigtails and polka dots with my tongue up his ass - all while stroking Boo's gorgeous cock! Sucking, licking and jacking until I get cum! Then I slurp it and swallow it!!
(video length 10:52)

May 2024

image: Masturbating in my bed with my butt plug and large glass dildo

Video: My Movies: 5-31-24

Double Duty Orgasm:
Plug in my ass, dildo in my cunt and the strong vibrating Zumio on my clit - fuck this feels amazing! I have one hell of an incredible orgasm and now I want more!!
(video length 8:22)

image: Slap these milf titty nipples and fuck my tits she says -

Video: Fetish: 5-28-24

Titty Fucking:
Nipple slapping, titty fucking, cum catching fun for me - courtesy of Boo's big cock! I love the way it feels when he pumps hard between my tits! And of course that big load dripping to my belly button - I need a taste!
(video length 8:49)

image: Horny housewife takes a big cock up the poop shoot with anal creampie ending - part 2

Video: My Movies: 5-24-24

Anal Fuck-n-Ride:
After stretching out and warming up my tight butthole, I'm ready for Boo's big dick! First some hard riding, then he bends me over and creampies my sweet pucker hole!
(video length 8:46)

image: Horny housewife warms her tight asshole up with long anal beads before she take a big cock up the poop shoot - part 1

Video: My Movies: 5-21-24

Big, Long Beads Anal Prep:
I try and try with all my might to make them fit! Guess I'm just too tight! These big beads warm me up for the buttfucking I'm about to receive! Butt that's the next video!
(video length 13:31)

image: This team captain milf wants you to jerk your cock all over her toe socks, she loves cum

Jerk Off Instruction: 5-17-24

Hottest Toe Socks:
I know what my feet in toe socks do to you and I'm ready! Stroke your nice cock like this while I spread my toes! My pussy is wet and my toes are tingling - give me cum!
(video length 11:43)

image: Sexy 50 something milf tits out wearing glasses licks a big horny cock until it gushes its sticky load from the hole

Video: My Movies: 5-14-24

Lick Job in Glasses:
I love licking Boo's big cock from base to tip, then swirling my tongue on top! Licking like I wanna reach the center of his lollipop, until his hot load gushes out! Then I keep on licking - so I can swallow his cum!!
(video length 11:53)

image: Mature milf with bald pussy gives a hot pink toes footjob ending in cum frosted toes

Video: Fetish: 5-9-24

Frisky Hot Pink FJ:
Summery hot pink from lips to toes, and an occasional sexy "classic foot" pose! I wildly stroke his cock until I get frosted toes then test the flexiblity of my 50 y/o body with toe sucking! Fuck - his cum tastes good!!
(video length 15:59)

image: Sexy mature yoga instructor warms her sweet pussy up with an intense orgasm before her next all male class arrives

Jerk Off Instruction: 5-5-24

Cock Yoga Orgasm:
As your instructor, you must follow my lead for optimal results! Stroke your cock while I vibrate my cunt - until we both have a metaphysical experience! Cum for me!!
(video length 10:13)

image: Mature yoga instructor gets her tight old pussy fucked by horny student between classes

Video: My Movies: 5-2-24

Yoga Instructor Fucking:
Well sometimes I play one on the www at least! I show off my flexibility while taking Boo's big cock deep! My cunt feels amazing whenever he shoots his hot cum for me!
(video length 6:27)

April 2024

image: Hot naked wife wraps around hubby and gives him a slow relaxing handjob then eats his cumload

Video: Fetish: 4-29-24

Slow Reach Around HJ:
I wrap my naked body around Boo and stroke his cock off from behind! Licking his neck and caressing his nipple, while I press my tits and pussy against his back! He shoots cum and I happily swallow it down!!
(video length 18:00)

image: Mature milf put clothespins on her puffy nipples and clit while you jack off your cock on to her - joi

Jerk Off Instruction: 4-25-24

Clothes Pins on Nipples:
I pin my clit and cunt lips too! All pain turns to pleasure when I watch you stroke your cock! Do it faster and do it harder while I finger my wet cunt - now give me cum!
(video length 10:41)

image: Amature couple caught on spy-cam fucking in the shower @

Video: My Movies: 4-20-24

Shower Sex:
Having a beautiful fuck in my beautiful new shower! After that amazing orgasm, I need Boo's big cock inside of me! He bends me over and gives it to me so fucking good!
(video length 8:58)

image: Mature wife with incredible nipples masturbates with a new shower head and has a massive wet orgasm

Video: My Movies: 4-17-24

New Shower Orgasm:
Masturbating in my brand new shower with my powerful new shower head massager and WOW OH WOW! I cum so fucking hard! Thank you, thank you, thank you Boo!!
(video length 8:21)

image: Sexy little milf has anal orgasm then the husban fucks her ass again ending in a nice anal creampie

Video: My Movies: 4-13-24

Cream My Butthole:
After an intense anal orgasm, Boo slides into my ass and really sends me over the edge! This is what I want and he fucks me hard until he fills my tight little pucker hole with cum! Then I push out every drop!
(video length 6:21)

image: Milf over 50 bangs her tight little ass hole untill she has an intense orgasm before getting fucked again in her ass

Video: My Movies: 4-10-24

Ass Banging Orgasm:
Before my ass gets fucked, I must warm it up and stretch it out or Boo's big cock will never fit! I bang my butthole hard and have an awesome orgasm - now I need real cock!
(video length 9:23)

image: Milf Stacie has a strap-on dick teaching you how to jerk off on your special day

Jerk Off Instruction: 4-7-24

Surprise Jerkboy:
Something for your special day! I feel so sexy in my lady cock and oh the things I could do to you! Let's stroke together and really make it good! Know where I want it?
(video length 9:15)

image: Real amateur couple find there selfs doing a super hot mutual masturbation session

Video: My Movies: 4-4-24

Talkless, Mutual Masturbation:
No words spoken - just the unspoken need to cum! He's jacking and I'm jilling until we both have amazing orgasms! Of course I happily slurp up his cum! Mums the word!
(video length 13:57)

March 2024

image: Mature milf wearing bunny ears and nice tits gives a blowjob to big dicked hubby on easter sunday

Video: My Movies: 3-31-24

Easter Ears BJ:
Frisky little me doing what I love best! Hopping into town and shaking my little eggs around while sucking on a nice big cock! I suck and lick lke crazy - until out cums the wonderfully tasty cream filling!
(video length 10:52)

image: God forgive this sexy sinner nun wearing pantyhose who fucks a young mans big cock with her unholly pussy to force him back into church

Video: Strange Fetish: 3-27-24

Unholy Pussy in Pantyhose:
Sometimes the only way to bring them back is to keep them cumming! Johnny is a sinner and I must exorcise his demons! After tempting them with my mouth - I finish them off with my unholy cunt!
(video length 15:19)

image: Ask the LORD to save you from the sin of nun sister Stacies pussy you dirty man repent you sinner

Jerk Off Instruction: 3-24-24

Repent Sinner:
Now it won't be easy because you're such a sinner, but it's time to cast the demons from your semen! I'm here to help this process along and I expect complete obedience! Your soul is at stake Sinner!
(video length 10:41)

image: Mature sexy milf in bikini giving a outdoor handjob to a naked guy

Video: Fetish: 3-20-24

Blue Bikini Backyard HJ:
Strutting around in my sexy blue bikini and giving Boo a nice big boner! So of course - I grab a firm hold of it, stroke it and get the cum out! But in the dirt requires a spank!
(video length 9:31)

image: Mature wife dressed as a wedding bride gets her cunt pounded with a fucking machine while she askes you to jack your cock off on to her tight hole

Jerk Off Instruction: 3-16-24

Not Too Innocent with RoboCock:
Almost looking pure as snow, but proving that I'm fucking NOT! Jack off like this while RoboCock penetrates my cunt - slow, soft, hard and deep! Now give me your cum!!
(video length 12:07)

image: Naked skinny wife with nice tits bangs her cunt with a dildo while giving a footjob

Video: Fetish: 3-12-24

Give My Feet a Treat FJ:
Boo catches me masturbating and fucks my inviting feet! I just keep banging my cunt and stroking his cock until he shoots cum! Then I squish and wiggle my toes like crazy!
(video length 8:21)

image: Sexy amature brunett wife gets off riding a think big white cock

Video: My Movies: 3-9-24

Fucking for Fucks Sake:
Sometimes we just fuck for ourselves and love sharing that with you too! After a little fingering and stroking, I shove Boo's big dick inside of me and ride baby ride! Ending with a big load of cum on my cunt!!
(video length 10:34)

image: Sexy mistress Stacie uses a compression massager tool to make her man's cock slowly vibrate the cum out

Video: Strange Fetish: 3-5-24

The Tool:
Getting cum from Boo's cock seems extra effortless using this power tool! The strong sensations vibrate from the head through the shaft - until cum edges out slowly! Vibrating cum is so fucking cool!!
(video length 17:06)

image: Milf Stacie shows off her naked ass and feet in your favorite foot poses - joi

Jerk Off Instruction: 3-2-24

Feet + Ass - I Need Cum:
Softest soles, highest arches, veins and tendons - but the cherry on top - my sweet chocolate starfish! Stroke for your favorite stinky spots and give me your hot cum!
(video length 8:56)

February 2024

image: Half dresses grandmother with tight bum gets ass pounded bye young man on her walker ending in a nice anal creampie

Video: My Movies: 2-26-24

GF - Old Ass Creampie:
Remembering and reliving my youth with Johnny! After sliding his penis in my pucker hole, he pounds me so hard - I feel like I'm 23 again! He deposits a nice big mess in my butt and makes this old lady so happy!
(video length 18:32)

image: Mature milf is so hot for cock she sucks his big dick then he squirts his huge white cum load on her nice shirt

Video: My Movies: 2-21-24

I'm so hot for cock and can't control my sucking urges! I suck Boo's big dick until he squirts his huge white cum load all over my nice black Polo shirt! I LOVE cum so much!!
(video length 10:14)

image: Fit over 50 very horny mother bangs her tight little cunt hole untill she has an intense orgasm

Video: My Movies: 2-18-24

Cunt Banging Orgasm:
I need an orgasm now! Fucking my pussy hard and loving the ridges on my dildo! Feels so good sliding in and out of my cunt! Once I touch my Zumio to my clit, I cum so fucking hard and loud! I love alone time...
(video length 10:27)

image: Mature milf gets fingerbanged while she gives a handjob to a big cock and eats up every drop of cum that pumps out

Video: Fetish: 2-14-24

How I Love Cock HJ:
Counting all the ways that I love Boo's cock! Stroking, kissing, sucking, and licking while confessing all the reasons I truly adore a nice, big hard dick! After lovingly coaxing cum from his cock, I lick it up and fuck him!
(video length 16:49)

image: Secretary Karla gets a bonus $$$ and her boss gets a raise in his trousers when she gives him a nylon pantyhose footjob with her mature tits out

Video: Fetish: 2-10-24

Secretary Karla - Pantyhose FJ:
Quitting time and the long weekend is here! Bossman offers a huge bonus for a special project that I just can't refuse! My only task? Make him cum using my nylon feet! I rub and stroke until I earn that big bonus!
(video length 16:19)

image: Milf wearing a skimpy strappy outfit gets her tight little fucked ending with a hot deposit of sperm in her fuck hole

Video: My Movies: 2-5-24

Red Strappy Number:
I squeeze myself into this little, red, strappy thing and call Boo over for a proper drilling! He teases my pussy with his cock and makes beg for more! Then he fucks me so good and shoots cum like crazy!
(video length 10:31)

image: Mature horny wife wants you to jack off on to her cunt

Jerk Off Instruction: 2-3-24

All My Pretty Parts:
I need you jacking off for all my naughty pretty parts! Stroke your cock while I fuck my cunt deeply with this BBC! Feels so good stretching my pussy out - give me cum!
(video length 9:13)

January 2024

image: Mature wife in keds bangs her horny pussy untill she has a long satisfying orgasm

Video: My Movies: 1-30-24

Orgasm In Keds:
Fucking my own horny pussy deep and hard, while wearing my cute grey Keds! Going deep with my dildo and vibrating my clit - until I have a long satisfying orgasm!
(video length 11:05)

image: Sexy milf in glasses gives a pulled back reverse blowjob sucking out his cum from his throbbing veiny penis muffler

Video: My Movies: 1-26-24

Pulled Back BJ in Glasses:
In case that last one was too fetishy for you, an equally kinky kind of blowjob without the clouds! I just love sucking Boo's cock off this way and tasting his cum!
(video length 16:38)

image: This hot mature milf with a smoking habit loves to smoke and suck a hard dick

Video: Strange Fetish: 1-22-24

Va-Va-Va-Vaping BJ:
I stopped smoking cigarettes but my nicotine habit remains! Oral fixations are hard to kick - like sucking dick - I'll never be able to stop that dirty little habit of mine! Pretty fucking cool and satisfying when I combine the two together!
(video length 11:40)

image: Horny mature housewife in heels and pantyhose pinns up her nipples and pussy for your pleasure

Video: Strange Fetish: 1-19-24

Pinned Up:
I don't mind a small bit of pain if it gets you stroking your cock! And honestly, my cunt got VERY wet from the pain and pleasure of these clothes pins! I'm just a freaky, fetishy slut that loves pleasing you and your cock!
(video length 10:21)

image: Stunning Milf in panthose wants you to shake your cock off all over her nylon soles

Jerk Off Instruction: 1-15-24

Pantyhose Legs and Soles:
Just for you - my sexy legs and soft soles covered in nylon! Show your gratitude by jacking off for me! Stroke your cock just like this and cum on my nylon soles please!
(video length 10:32)

image: Stunning Milf in panthose strokes a cock off with her feet with a nice view of her nylon covered ass

Video: Fetish: 1-12-24

Overdue - Nylon Soles Footjob:
It's been a while...but finally! Stroking Boo's cock with my feet while wearing my silky, suntan pantyhose! I just the love the nylon ass view and the cum load on my soles!!
(video length 9:14)

image: Horny housewife with sexy mature hands gives a handjob and then licks up every drop of his sperm

Video: Fetish: 1-8-24

Lick It Up Handjob:
I'm craving cum! The fastest way to get some...stroking off Boo's big cock until he shoots a nice cumload on the table! Then I lick and slurp up every last drop of sperm!
(video length 9:14)

image: Sexy wife wants her tight asshole pounded and fucked with a big hard cock

Video: My Movies: 1-4-24

Butt Banging New Year:
After an amazing anal orgasm, I need the REAL thing! Boo enters my ass without resistance and fucks me so good in many positions! Just some good hard butt fucking to start the New Year out with a bang!
(video length 13:35)

image: Horny mature wife in red high heels has orgasm with black dildo in her ass as you jack off for her

Jerk Off Instruction: 1-2-24

Butt Banging Orgasm:
Bringing in the New Year with a butt banging good time! Jack off while I fuck my own ass and orgasm so fucking HARD! Get me ready for anal...cum in my ass hole!!
(video length 10:30)

December 2023

image: Fucking her mature mouth with my horny cock then a large discharge of white sticky hot sperm to her face

Video: My Movies: 12-28-23

Mouth Fucking Blowjob:
Mouth full of cock - He fucks, I gag, he fucks, I suck, he fucks, I LOVE! Boo sure knows how to give a proper face fuck and then he sprays my pretty face with cum!
(video length 7:25)

image: Fucking your beautiful wife over the holiday then she asks you to cum in her mouth so she can taste it

Video: My Movies: 12-25-23

The Gift of Fucking:
All I want for Christmas is Boo's hard cock deep in my horny cunt! Fuck it feels so good when he goes balls deep and slaps my clit with his balls! He fucks me forwards and backwards - then cums in my mouth!!
(video length 20:15)

image: Two hot milfs help you jerk your cock off to relieve holiday stress

Jerk Off Instruction: 12-22-23

Holiday MILFs Want Cum:
All we want for Xmas is your hot cum! Make us joyful - pull out your cock and stroke it hard for our tits and butts! Give us the gift of shooting cum all over our asses!!
(video length 8:50)

image: Jacking off for Melissa at Christmas time? You tell me if your going to be naughty or nice jerkboy!

Jerk Off Instruction: 12-20-23

Naughty Or Nice?:
Jacking off for Melissa at Christmas time? You tell me if your going to be naughty or nice jerkboy!
(video length 5:09)

Video: My Movies: 12-17-23

Winter Bush Dildo Fuck:
My winter bush needs attention! This thick, bright white dildo feels amazing sliding in and out of my hairy cunt hole! I fuck myself and vibrate my clit until I orgasm hard!!
(video length 12:00)

image: Two milfs Spreading Christmas joy with their tits and ass out while decorating the XXX-Mas tree

Video: Strange Fetish: 12-14-23

Tits Out Tree Up:
Hanging the ornaments on more than the tree branches! Leia and I are just two joyful MILFs putting our tits and asses on full display - while decorating our little tree!
(video length 14:47)

image: Mature wife in glasses sucks dick untill she gets the tasty cum out that she slurps up

Video: My Movies: 12-11-23

Joy to the World - Glasses BJ:
Spreading my joy and cheer - starting with Boo's cock! Tis the season for giving extra good and tasty blowjobs and I'm the queen in that department! Yum..yum...CUM!!
(video length 9:53)

image: Stacie from wifecrazy gives a big cock the slippery footjob from above stepping down on his man meat untill he cums

Video: Fetish: 12-7-23

Season's Greetings Footjob:
Standing above - stroking and stepping down on Boo's package - hoping for my own white sticky gift! I can't stop spreading my toes and Xmas cheer, until I feel hot cum!
(video length 14:00)

image: Two Hot milf's free their boobies and compare the tit size and bounce their fun bags for you to enjoy

Video: Strange Fetish: 12-3-23

Different Kinds:
Officially introducing Leia to you lucky members! Showing off our feet, hands, mouths and bouncing our awesomely different tits! You can watch her on cam part time - soon some JOI videos!!
(video length 10:49)

November 2023

image: Mature milf play with her huge nipples and then gets them frosted with a nice cum load

Video: Fetish: 11-27-23

Frosted Peak Handjob:
After oiling up my horny nipples, I stroke Boo's big cock off like crazy - with a little bit of sucking too! I work lovingly on his dick until he frosts my peak and fills my cum catcher! I'm the luckiest girl ever!
(video length 11:54)

image: Hot skinny milf in pantyhose fucks her asshole while you watch she needs you to cum in her stink hole

Jerk Off Instruction: 11-23-23

Anal Prep:
I will be ass fucked, therefore I must ready my tight stink hole! First ripping my nylon covered ass and exposing my balloon knot! Jack off while I stretch out my butthole for a nice fucking! Lube my ass - give me cum!!
(video length 9:17)

image: Over 50 milf gets her ass pounded and filled up with a nice anal creampie

Video: My Movies: 11-19-23

Apron Anal:
Cleaning the kitchen in my sexy apron, when Boo enters my ass and pounds me so fucking hard! I don't mind getting dirty when it feels this good! He fills my tight butthole with hot cum! drip...drip...drip...
(video length 11:38)

image: Mature wife plays and tugs her crunch berry nipples she needs cum on her rock hard nipples

Jerk Off Instruction: 11-16-23

Nipple Attention:
My fully erect nipples need your attention right now Mister! Stroke your cock while I twist and tug on these rock hard crunch berries! Jack off - give me your cum!
(video length 8:02)

image: Over 50 milf really needs a big hard cock to fuck her tight mature hole

Video: My Movies: 11-12-23

Give Me Cock:
I need it and I want it, so Boo gives it to me! He slides his cock into my tight cunt hole then fucks me good and hard! I can't get enough and beg him to fuck me deeper, until he shoots a nice big load of cum!!
(video length 10:40)

image: Mature wife Stacie takes a longtime fucking and playing with her pussy before having an intense orgasm

Video: My Movies: 11-7-23

Long and Strong Orgasm:
The big black dildo filling my cunt hole and the powerful clit sucker working it's magic... I wanna cum so bad! But I keep myself on the edge for a bit, because it feels fucking amazing! Well worth the orgasmic wait!!
(video length 16:47)

image: Mature wife in glasses loves the taste of dick

Video: My Movies: 11-4-23

Fluttering Lashes + New Glasses BJ:
I LOVE the taste of dick - second only to cum! I prove it again by swallowing Boo's cock and taking his load on my face and in my mouth! There's no better way to show off my pretty new glasses and lashes!
(video length 6:24)

October 2023

image: Cheerleader fucks her tight naught box while you watch her practice pounding her horny box over and over untill orgasm

Jerk Off Instruction: 10-31-23

BF - After Practice Activity:
After a long hard day practicing my cheers, I need a long hard dong in my sweet tight pussy! I know I'm usually a brat, but today I'll let you watch for your white sticky stuff!
(video length 12:30)

image: Step sister gives a one sock on footjob after her cheerleader practice

Video: Fetish: 10-27-23

BF - Bratty Footjob:
Just finished practice and now Johnny begs me for a foot job! WTF! And he tells me to leave one of my stinky, sweaty socks on while I play footsies with his dick!
(video length 15:12)

image: This spooky wife has her demonic shoes for you so you can start jerking your cock to her evil ensemble

Jerk Off Instruction: 10-23-23

Demonic Wife Rips Nylons:
Something spooky inside needs satisfying! My inner demons take over and I tear at my pantyhose - while you stroke exactlly how I command! Now cum where I demand!
(video length 10:08)

image: Mature milf Stacie sucks a cock off untill its rock hard then sticks in in her tight cunt and fucks it

Video: My Movies: 10-19-23

Sucking, fucking, sucking and fucking - until I get what I want and need! Boo's big cum load is all I crave - riding his cock hard and fast - I get his cum and keep going! I thought you knew...I'm an animal baby!
(video length 14:08)

image: Nun sister Stacie makes a house call to a male church member and gives him a handjob for sinning God forgive him

Video: Fetish: 10-15-23

Unholy Nun HJ:
My methods may be unconventional, but I know how to sheppard my flock! Most come around once I've exorcised my rights over the demons in their semen! Mr Johnson is no exception and I revel in his return!
(video length 13:03)

image: You watch stroking your cock off for this mature milf playing with her spooky dildo

Jerk Off Instruction: 10-12-23

Freaky + Spooky Dildo:
It's the spooky season and I'm feeling frisky and freaky! Stroke your cock while I explore the pleasure of this long probing tentacle deep in my cunt and then in my butt! Stroke harder, stroke faster give me cum!!
(video length 12:51)

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Black Veil Bride BJ:
The undead slut rises from the underworld to suck the life force from human dicks and eat the demons from their mortal penis semen...She's a man eater!!
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Make This Bad Girl Cum Robo Cock:
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September 2023

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Robo Cock Anal + DP:
Many of you have wanted this and you can thank Boo! First I warm up my tight butthole with the robo cock - then I finally get the DP you've been craving! I'm so tight in both holes they barely fit! Just WOW!!
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Can't Stop Stroking for Me:
And I NEVER want you to stop! I can't get enough of watching you jack off and I'll do anything to keep you going! Playing with my nipples, petting my pretty pussy - ANYTHING - as long as I get your cum!!
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Video: My Movies: 9-21-23

Sloppy BJ in Glasses:
As you requested...different pairs of glasses and LOTS of sloppy, spitty cock sucking! I love licking and gagging on Boo's big cock, but I'm happiest when I get his cum!!
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Butthole Worship:
You can just follow me around while I spread and shake my sweet ass! Sniff, lick, worship my tight brown butthole and stroke your cock while you do it! Give me cum!
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Black Leather:
Tightest leather pants and dangerously spikey tits - I'm making myself horny in this dark outfit! Good thing I have the perfect accessory for my wet cunt hole!!
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Fuck Me Hard!:
I need a good hard fuck! I throw my leg up and demand that Boo penetrates me DEEP! He rams his big cock into my tight cunt over and over, then shoots cum on my soles!
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Leather Pants Handjob:
Wearing my tight leather pants while stroking Boo's big cock! Humping his thigh and tugging his dick gets my pussy so wet! I squeeze and pull until he shoots cum!!
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Blowjob + Facial:
Good old fashioned cock sucking! On my knees, swallowing Boo's big dick and LOVING it! My favorite part is when he shoots a nice load of cum on my face!
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August 2023

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Scioness Orgasm:
Never thought I'd like a toy as much as my Zumio, but OMG! This new toy, the Scioness is AMAZING! It licks, vibrates and sucks my cunt into complete erotic bliss! LOVE!!!
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Empty Your Balls in My Ass:
After warming up my butt hole and cunt, I happily accept Boo's big cock! He fucks me hard up the ass and makes me orgasm like crazy - then empties his balls in my butt!
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Pretty Frisky Footjob:
Just what I intense foot rub all over Boo's big, hard dick! Starting in doggy style then finishing on my side so I can play with my pussy and watch cum shoot out!
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Face Riding + Fucking:
Riding Boo's face with my wet horny cunt, until I cum so fucking hard! All I need now is his big cock inside of me! It feels amazing when he fucks me and gives me cum!
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Cilt Sucker - Butt Plug Orgasm:
After warming up my cunt and getting extra horny, I just have to go for it! Sucking my own clit and fucking my own ass until I have an awesome orgasm! Need cock there soon!
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Fun Fast Fuck:
I'm so horny and need to fuck! After I suck on Boo's cock, I hop on and ride like crazy! Not long before he shoots cum deep inside my tight pussy! I LOVE to feel it dripping!
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Summer Toes + Sexy Soles:
Wiggling my hot pink summer toes and finger banging my horny cunt while you stroke! Jack off harder, squeeze tighter and shoot cum all over my perfectly sexy soles!
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July 2023

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Wanting, Needing Blowjob:
I really missed one of my favorite sexual activities over the past month! So I suck Boo's cock like it's the last time I ever will...even though it's not! Licking and sucking his balls too - until a cummy face!!
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Long Needed Veiny Handjob:
Been way too long since I've stroked Boo's big, beautiful cock! I just can't wait to get my hands all over his thick dick and full balls! Lovingly caressing until I get cum!
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Sex Therapy:
What can I say? I'm so happy to be working on things with Boo and staying married forever! It's been so long but finally I get his big cock inside of me! After a loving back rub and finger banging - of course!
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Old, Bald Cunt:
My tight, wet, bald, old cunt craves your cum! Play with your cock! Stroke it likes this while I finger bang this hot little snatch of mine! Point it at my directly at my pussy and give me a nice big load of cum Mister!
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Self Fisting Blowjob:
Sucking Boo's cock makes me really horny and I start finger banging! I know how much this turns him on - so I start trying for my entire fist while still sucking and licking! I'm so happy when he douses me in cum!!
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June 2023

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Helping Hand - Hard Orgasm:
The way Boo's hand skillfully stretches out my tight pussy makes me think with a little more practice - it just might fit! All this extreme stretching and internal massaging helps make me orgasm so fucking hard!!
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After My Orgasm Fucking:
Boo must have heard my loud orgasm - he wastes no time and gives me that big dick exactly how I want it! Sliding in and out of my wet cunt hole until I get his cum!!
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Retro Keds Orgasm:
These cute comfy Keds make me feel half my age and HORNY! I fuck and vibrate my hot pussy and never kick off my shoes! Sometimes using them to guide in my thick dildo! Mmmm...I cum hard and loud!!
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White Socks - Reach Around HJ:
After wrapping my skinny naked body around Boo, I stroke his huge cock and fondle other places! I skillfully jack him off until a big, milky cumload shoots on to my white ankle socks! Then I taste his cum!
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50th Birthday Butt Fuck:
Tomorrow I turn 50 and all I want for my birthday is a good, hard anal pounding! Boo never fails me with his big cock slamming into my tight little ass! Thanx for the awesome gift Boo and for all the butt fucking you've given me over the years!
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Fucking My Mature Ass:
Older women know just how to treat a man! Treating you to my sexy ass and tight pucker hole! Stroke your cock while I fuck my butt and let's cum hard together!
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May 2023

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Video: My Movies: 5-27-23

Pullback Butt Licking BJ + Facial:
Pulling Boo's big cock far back and sucking! I can't keep my tongue away from his sweet butthole either! I suck and tongue fuck until I get a nice messy cum load to the face!
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Made to Cum:
Boo handles me a bit aggressively, but I don't mind as long as he keeps fingering my pussy hard, fast and deep! Feels so good with the Magic Wand on my clit and his fingers in my wet cunt! I orgasm HARD!
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Hot Dick + Hot Feet - FJ:
Boo can't keep his hot cock off my hot feet and I LOVE it! He slowly caresses and drizzles pre-cum, while I finger my horny pussy! I fucking love his cum loads!
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MF - Favorite Keds:
Spying on me while I'm cleaning my closet young man?!? I guess you can help me decide which keds to keep! Jack off and cum all over your favorite pair - you can keep those for later use sweetheart!
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MF - Special Day Pussy Eating:
Daryl is so good to me, and gives me the most wonderful gift on my special day! He licks and sucks every part of my dripping wet, mature cunt - then he fucks me!
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Chest Riding Handjob:
Naked and sitting on Boo's chest! Having too much fun grinding my wet pussy on him and stroking his cock! After draining all the cum from his balls - I lick it up! YUMMY!
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Stress Relief Blowjob:
My MS is acting up and Boo's anxiety is through the roof, but I can still wiggle my numb feet around while I suck his big cock! He's stressed out and definitely needs some relief! What I need - cum all over my soles!!
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Dripping Wet Fucking:
Fresh from the shower, my hair and internal waterfall are dripping wet - I'm ready for fucking! After sucking his big cock, Boo bends me over and fucks me hard! I just love his giant squirting cumloads!!
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April 2023

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Playing With My Bald Cunt:
While you stroke your cock of course! These dildos feel amazing plunging deep in my wet cunt hole! Jack off exactly as I say and shoot your cum on my bald cunt please!!
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Fuck My Backside:
Fucking my own tight stink hole when Boo comes in and gives me what I really want! He rams his big cock into my butt and anally fucks me so good! Then he shoots a messy cumload all over my backside!!
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Revenge Reward Handjob:
Payback is always a bitch and I prove that by taking a wooden spoon to Boo's ass! He's lucky I love cum so much! I stroke and paddle his big flexible cock until my spoon is full - then I eat my big reward!
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Orgasm Denial + Tickle Torture:
It was feeling so good! Boo's licking and fingering my horny pussy when all of a sudden he's tickling me like a maiac! No orgasm and no fucking! WTF Boo?!? Payback is a bitch though...
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All It Takes - Dressy BJ:
Black dress, pearls, glasses and my extreme cock sucking skills - that's all it takes! Boo's shooting cum all over my titties in just about 6 minutes! Think you'd last longer?
(video length 6:13)

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Hard Orgasm + Facial:
Plug in my butthole, dildo in my cunt and vibrator on my clit - the only thing better... A big cock shooting cum on my face while I orgasm hard and loud! A dream come true!!
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Sheer to Waist Pantyhose Admiration:
I make these pantyhose look HOT and I know you like them too! The only thing hotter is when you shoot cum on my nylon covered ass! Mmmm...yes please!!
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Video: My Movies: 4-6-23

MF - Pretty Inappropriate:
Johnny thinks my Easter outfit isn't proper, but I feel pretty! He may be right - so I take it off and one thing leads to another! I'm so happy he's a dirty pervert...just like me!!
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Frosted Peaks + Orgasm:
I wrap my horny nipples with rubber bands and vibrate my hairy cunt, while sucking and stroking Boo's nice cock! I orgasm and he frosts my rock hard nipples with cum!
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March 2023

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Jerk Off Instruction: 3-29-23

MF - Stinky, Sweaty, Pissy Heel:
Such a long day at work and now I come home to find you sniffing my heels and jacking off! WTF young man and why is your cock turning me on? Fuck! I have to pee...cum in my pissy heel perverted one!
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Shoot My Hairy Cunt with Cum:
Feeling so hot - I just gotta fuck myself! I plunge this huge black cock deep in my tight, hairy cunt hole! Watching you stroke makes me so horny - squirt my hairy cunt!!
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Cum on Bright Pink Toes:
OR a whole lot of amazing talent all at once! Just having a relaxing stretch when an irresistible cock shows up! I suck, stroke and tug on balls until this cock covers my hot pink toes in cum! Wiggle...wiggle...
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Frost My Big Nipples:
Shaking and bouncing my sweet small tits, twisting and pulling my huge nipples - while you stroke your cock! Shoot cum on my rock hard, horny nipples - frost my peaks!!
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Video: My Movies: 3-15-23

Lick, Lick, Lick:
How many licks does it take to make cum squirt out? Not that many since I'm wearing pantyhose and my tits are on display! No sucking on Boo's big beautful cock, just licking until I taste cum! Then I suck it!!
(video length 9:07)

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Video: My Movies: 3-11-23

Outdoor Creampie in Keds:
Enjoying the gorgeous weather when I'm offered a nice big cock! I love fucking outdoors! First Boo eats my pussy, then he fucks me hard and fills me up with a huge cumload! Drip, bubble, drip...
(video length 9:32)

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Video: My Movies: 3-7-23

Need a Hard Orgasm:
My new Zumio and my big black dildo work together to bring my tight pussy much pleasure! I fuck myself slow and fast while massaging my clit - until I orgasm so hard! Slow and long feels fucking amazing!!
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Jerk Off Instruction: 3-4-23

2 Socks x 6 Keds:
Modeling 3 pairs of Keds in my favorite tube socks - while finger banging my horny cunt and begging you to jack off for me! Stroke harder and give me your cum please!
(video length 11:10)

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Video: Fetish: 3-1-23

Old Style Footjob:
Totally naked - in need of a foot massage! Boo's hard cock perfectly soothes my feet and makes my pussy so horny! Oh the cum that shoots all over my naked body!!
(video length 7:15)

February 2023

image: Milf sports a lady cock and instructs you and your girlfriend to jerk your cock off in this naughty threesome internet video - joi

Jerk Off Instruction: 2-27-23

Lady Cock for Couples:
Get your woman in here for this one Mister! Jack off while she helps you in the best ways! Grab his balls and pull on them Babe! Help him shoot cum all over my lady cock... Now lick it off and have a seat Sweetheart!
(video length 10:19)

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Video: My Movies: 2-23-23

MF - Anal Slut Blackmail:
Johnny just won't let this go and he takes advantage in every way! I feel so angry when he rips my favorite pantyhose and so dirty when he fucks my ass like a perverted maniac! So wrong, but feels so good!
(video length 10:02)

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Loads Of Cum Handjob:
Craving cum and taking my time getting it! I'm hoping and trying for precum...I get NONE! What I DO get is an absolutely incredibe cumload that shoots like crazy!! Lick, slurp, gargle, swallow...YUMMY
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Video: My Movies: 2-17-23

Watch Me Cum:
Alone with my favorite sex toys and my bald, horny pussy...what's a girl to do? I know exactly what to do when I fuck myself hard - until I have an amazing orgasm!!
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Video: Photos: 2-14-23

Happy Lover's Day:
Showing some love to both my pussy and ass! This red lingerie makes me feel so sexy and horny...I have to fill my tight holes! It feels so good fucking myself for you Mister! Please be my valentine!
(picture set: 42)

image: Sexy mature milf Stacie shows off her talented aches, heels , feet and toes

Video: Strange Fetish: 2-12-23

Toesies Posies:
Best way to show off "the pose"! I pick up and dangle several sets of my bras and panties with my toes in THAT pose! My one of a kind, kinky, unique feet at their best!!
(video length 8:16)

image: Hot mature wife fucks a dude in the garage with only tennis shoes and glasses on

Video: My Movies: 2-9-23

Boo's Requet - Garage Fucking:
I satisfy so many men's requests, but today it's all about Boo's wants! Naked in fancy Keds with curly hair and glasses, then hard fucking in the garage! Check, check, HAPPY!
(video length 9:26)

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Video: My Movies: 2-6-23

Playing Dick & Balls - Facial:
I said pickle ball, Boo heard dick and balls! And he was right - sucking on his cock and balls is way more fun than hitting a ball with a paddle! I bob on his knob until splat...
(video length 9:08)

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Jerk Off Instruction: 2-4-23

Stroke for My Nylon Soles:
You're making my pussy wet with the way you're stroking your cock! Keep going while I finger bang my horny cunt! I know you love my nylon feet, so point your cock right here and cover them in cum please!!
(video length 11:04)

January 2023

image: Grandma wants to get fucked in her cunt then in her ass hole by young man

Video: My Movies: 1-30-23

GF - No Holes Barred:
Johnny was instructed to take care of me real good and so he does! He fingers and fucks my horny cunt, then penetrates my chocolate starfish with his big penis! He made this old lady so happy - that I show him my slutty finish from yesteryear...
(video length 17:01)

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Video: Fetish: 1-27-23

Pull Back, Step Down FJ:
Pulling back, stepping down and stroking off Boo's big, flexible cock! I have too much fun dancing on his dick and stepping on his ass! Then cum shoots out and I squish with toes!
(video length 9:53)

image: Flexable milf shows off her winking and fluttering eyes and butthole at the same time - joi

Jerk Off Instruction: 1-24-23

Lash Fluttering - Butthole Winking:
Consider them both targets Mister! Stroke your nice cock for me, I can never get enough of watching you jack off! Shoot your cum right where I want it.. I'll make it easy for you! Cover me in your cum please!!
(video length 9:16)

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Nipple Licking, Sucking HJ:
Licking and sucking on Boo's sensitive nipples, while I fondle and stroke his cock! He claims his nipples are too tender for this, but his nice big cumload says differently!
(video length 11:42)

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Video: Strange Fetish: 1-17-23

THE Most Magical Feet:
Is there anything I can't do with my amazing feet?!? Showing off my talents while fulfilling your freaky, fun fetish! Playing with slinky, technology and even a pretty little ditty with my toes!
(video length 7:24)

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Balls Deep Cunt Fuck:
Fucking my juicy cunt with a big black dildo, when my wish for real cock comes true! And Boo fucks my horny cunt balls deep! Feels so good when his big cock slides in and out of my tight cunt hole! WOW...that cumshot!
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Cum in My Long Hair:
My hair is so long and your cock is so hard! Stroke your dick for me - rub it in my hair! Silky soft strands tickling your cock and balls...give me your special hair conditioner!
(video length 11:23)

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Video: My Movies: 1-7-23

MF - Face Fucker Facial:
After my date cancels on me, Johnny reluctantly steps in to alleviate my sadness! He fucks my face and empties his balls all over my glasses! Such a good boy!!
(video length 10:14)

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Pullback Pleasure:
I pull Boo's cock between his legs, then I stroke his cock and massage his balls! But when I start lightly touching around his butthole his cum squirts like crazy - then I slurp it up and drool - of course I swallow!!
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Cum on My Naked Body:
Let's start the new year in the best way! Jack off for me and share your hot cumload! I LOVE watching you stroke your hot dick - squeeze it tight and give me cum!
(video length 9:34)

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