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Video: My Movies: 12-29-22

All My Sexy Holes:
Boo penetrates every one of my fuck holes and makes me so happy! First sucking on his cock, then shoving him into my pussy and riding - until finally my butthole swallows his cock and gets all of his cum!!
(video length 12:22)

image: Milf Stacie in her new Christmas picture set xxx2022

Video: Photos: 12-25-22

Christmas Milf:
Spreading joy and so much more under the Xmas tree! Do you think I was naughty or nice this year? I've been NAUGHTY in all the best possible ways! I hope Santa still cums! Merry Xmas WifeCrazy members!!
(picture set: 32)

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Jerk Off Instruction: 12-24-22

Colorful Christmas Socks:
Thank you for my xxxmas gift, now give me what I really want! Get your jollies while I get mine! Jack off like this and I'll fuck my Christmas cunt - naked in my festive socks! Now point your cock and give me cum!!
(video length 17:11)

image: Stacie from gives hubbys big cock a christmas sock footjob, totaly naked in holliday socks

Video: Fetish: 12-22-22

Christmas Sock Job:
I'm naked in colorful Christmas socks and stroking Boo's holiday pole with my festive feet! I cannot believe the gift I receive when his cock just keeps cumming like crazy!! More Christmas content coming...
(video length 8:16)

image: Mature milf sporting a strap on cock under her fishnet dress shows you how to stroke your own dick jerkboy

Jerk Off Instruction: 12-19-22

Sporting My Strap-on:
And we will stroke together Jerkboy! Feels so good jerking off my lady dick while you jack off too! How exciting it is when I think about you sitting on my lap! Let's cum...
(video length 11:32)

image: Brunett wife Stacie gets face fucked with a big cock

Video: My Movies: 12-16-22

Face Fuck Fun:
I love a good face fucking even when Boo's big cock makes me gag! It feels so dirty to let him fuck my face hole this way and it makes my pussy so wet when he does! He cums directly in my mouth, then I play...
(video length 10:11)

image: Smokin hot wife Stacie gets her ass hole fucked with a big cock ending in a anal creampie

Video: My Movies: 12-12-22

AF - Anal Warm Up:
If Billy wants me to keep my mouth shut, he better do what I say! I need a warm up before my date and he must obey me! After fingering my butthole, he fucks me with his big dick and fills me with cum!! Drip...drip...
(video length 14:29)

image: Dirty talking brunett cum slut gets on her knees and tells you to jerk your cock off on to her glasses

Jerk Off Instruction: 12-10-22

Cum on Melissa's Glasses:
This is my REAL cousin Melissa and she wants your cum! I told her how nice your cock is and now she wants to see for herself! Jack off and cum on her glasses!
(video length 6:54)

image: Smoking hot brunett with huge nipples gives this stud a titty job untill he squirts cum on her tits

Video: Fetish: 12-7-22

Fuck My Tits:
I love fucking Boo with every inch of my body - so fun getting his cum! Right now I wanna titty fuck him! After oiling up my tits and his cock, I stroke him off between my cleavage - until I get my reward!!
(video length 8:19)

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Jerk Off Instruction: 12-4-22

Wrinkly Soles Orgasm:
Let's relieve some holiday stress togrther! We both need to cum hard, so you jack off while I fuck my pussy with this big black dick! Shoot your cum on my soles!!
(video length 13:51)

image: Milf princess plays with huge cock using a vibrating dick training sex toy until he cums all over

Video: Fetish: 12-1-22

Dick Trainer OR Chick Trainer?:
I can't decide which! I thought I was training Boo's cock, but it turns out his big cock was training me! Taking my time and letting the vibrating toy do most of the work, until cum shoots out like crazy!!
(video length 19:45)

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