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The last amateur

image: Mature Milf Named StacieHello there handsome,
My name is Stacie. I was once told "if you didn't start in 1998 you won't make it in this biz". Well, I started in 2000 and survived two failing networks I was with (The Wetlands and Carol Cox). While all the others have retired, I am still here and going strong! Now I run the longest active amateur website on the internet. I am over forty and will be doing this forever! There are a few things you should know about me. I run my own website with 100% exclusive amatuer content. Yes - I am a webwhore and real MILF. Yes - my real mom, sister, cousin and aunt are all on my site. I try to pimp them out every chance I get! LOL Yes - I do take a lot of requests and have a very active message board. I update all the time and my content is always fresh and new. There is a lot more to learn about me on the inside. My email address is available in my member's section. I am very open and I personally answer every email.

My Profile

Hair type: Brown, naturally curly 
Eye color: Brown 
Body type: Skinny, hour glass 
Breast: 34b natural 
Nipples: Extra large & puffy 
Pussy type: Shaved or very trim 
Ass type: Small & curvy 
Tattoos: Lower back & right ankle 
Age group: Mature over 40 
Height: 5' 6" 
Weight: 98 lbs. spinner! 
Shoe size: 8 Super high arches 
Birth date: 06/05/1973 
Home: Phoenix, AZ 
Nationality: USA 
Ethnicity: Caucasian 
My Likes: members only! 
100 Things about me: members only! 
My Secret: members only! 

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